William (genkischuldich) wrote,

Born to be cats... kitties of the universe...

Remember the Old Days, when we wouldn't dream of doing things like putting string on teabags?


I learned another new phrase the other day. It's 「春眠暁(を)おぼえず」 or "shunmin akatsuki (wo) oboezu" and it basically explains away why everyone's so sleepy in spring. Literally, it means "in spring one sleeps a sleep that knows no dawn".

I also submitted the Japanese for "spork" to WWWJDIC and so now you can find it in a search.

My free Advance Reading Copy (ARC) of Litle Brother by Cory Doctorow arrived today! I believe kintail got one too. Anyone else? It's so cool - there's "ADVANCE READING COPY - NOT FOR SALE" on the front and a marketing plan on the back. It'll get its American/Canadian release on April 29 and some English-language booksellers in other countries will also get it at the same time. Maybe Japan...? In the UK, you'll have to wait until November.

I'll tell you what I think when I read it, of course. :)

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