William (genkischuldich) wrote,

Dream Live 5th.

I actually had to work until 4.15 in Saitama. The day ended with a meeting that over-ran and me rushing down to Yokohama (three prefectures away!) forty minutes behind schedule.

Anyway, the result was that I met up with kurayamihimitsu about half an hour beforehand, which was only enough time to grab a "Dream Set" and find our seats. Although there were a ton of people there, this was a good change of pace.

As I said in my mobile post, which I typed one letter at a time on the way home, this was the best Teni-anything ever. Better than the musicals and better than any other Dream Live I've seen. There were so many little bits and pieces, that I won't get everything.

Top Five Dream Live 5th Sequences

1. Viking Horn

I loved this in Higamyu, but this was one step beyond. All the boys had full purple pirate costumes and Kai FLEW. He soared into the air, singing. It was the most awesome, crackiest thing ever.

They also solved the mystery of why they have pirate costumes rather than those of Vikings. Because these are cooler.

2. Older songs

Aoku Moeru Honoo, Ore wa Mamushi, and abridged versions of The Regulars and THIS IS THE PRINCE OF TENNIS. Wonderful to hear these ones live. They're my guilty pleasures in karaoke.

3. Tezuka

He appeared, in spotlight. I could already see he was wearing a harness and smirked just a little. As predicted, he rose gently into the air in an upright position and drifted out into the audience. As he went, he waved in a manner reminiscent of her majesty, the queen.

I admit it, we LOL'ed. Watanabe Daisuke-kun is WIN. I love his Tezuka.

4. Okinawa sequence

The video opened with Kite in a hammock, singing Minami no Shima kara Kita Shikaku. He gets tired of waiting for the others and goes to their bedroom, where they are all asleep together in parallel futon. There are pixelated nipples and a SHARK ATTACK.

In the next Higa sequence, Tanishi had an inflatable shark attached to his arm.

5. Yagyuu/Niou as pimps

This was soon after the pirate sequence, if I recall correctly. They appeared at the other end of the stage and we couldn't figure out who they were until they started singing "Petenshi da".

Other things that didn't quite make this top five list:
Sexy Tezuka, Gangster Higa, Sanada/Yukimura love duet, a new ballad, Okinawa-ben quiz, Golden Pair, rainbow disco lights, feathered headpieces, Sanada's crotch and Eiji not being rubbish anymore.

We came bouncing out of Yokohama Arena into light rain, which felt marvelous. And... believe it or not... it had driven everyone out of the merchandise queue! We walked through it in about ten minutes, with only a thirty second wait, if that.

I have a Higa Kirakira mitten. And the entire photo set of Higa.
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