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24 May 2008 @ 18:31
scribblemoose posted a little while ago asking why everyone's so quiet, self-conscious and afraid to put themselves out there. So, I thought I would talk a little about myself for once. :)

First of all, I need to do more writing. As I might have mentioned, I do freelance non-fiction writing professionally, although it's nowhere near my main job. I have three assignments that have yet to be finished and are just sitting on my desktop, mocking my inability to even so much as open up Word and start them. And, of course, I have my novel to work on.

I'm tackling the huge task of editing that monster by creating a spreadsheet with different headings for each chapter so I can see what needs to be dealt with. Accuracy... superfluous 'that'... repetitious use of 'shook', 'paused' and 'nodded'... lack of description... and a good many other headings too.

I'm still only on chapter four.

I know other people are also trying to find agents on my flist, so when I'm done with this post, I'll make a list of the blogs I like reading, many of which are concerned with writing.

Anyway, I'm also in the process of dealing with Surpass Hosting. I figured that my time might be up after reading lelola's problems with them.

To cut a long story short, I signed up with them ages ago and paid for a great deal of time in advance. I didn't think further about it, assuming that they would invoice me when the time came to pay again. What a ridiculous idea that was! I got an email today telling me to pay for the one and a half years they forgot to bill me. They also said I cancelled the order myself.

I would pay them (and I do intend to!), since I did indeed use their service... but I hate their attitude. There's a subtle hint in their emails that this is my fault. Not to mention I have zero faith in their billing processes now. I confess that I thought a rather long time had passed since my last payment, but I had confidence they would tell me!

Do not want.
nekojitanekojita on 24th May 2008 15:56 (UTC)
Hmm, I've used Surpass Hosting for the last few years, and have always been notified of bills being due and never had much of a problem w/ them. Will have to pay better attention from now on, though.
Williamgenkischuldich on 24th May 2008 16:12 (UTC)
Yeah, but I guess a good number of websites have fallen through the cracks. I think they would have noticed sooner if no one was paying them. ^^
scribblemoose on 27th May 2008 17:54 (UTC)
Its really nice to hear about you. *hugs* And good luck with the writing - editing is a nightmare.
Williamgenkischuldich on 28th May 2008 11:06 (UTC)
Yeah... I posted my prologue on the above-mentioned comm and it got ripped to shreds. It hurt, but in a good way because I now know where to focus in my editing.