William (genkischuldich) wrote,

The list of blogs I read, many (but not all!) about writing. Alphabetical order.

101 Reasons To Stop Writing

Before you click on this link, you should consider whether reverse psychology works on you. This is because, despite the blogger's claims to the contrary, this satirical site inspires writing by telling you not to. Yeah, I don't get it either, but it works. For me.

Nathan Bransford - Literary Agent

Lots of advice from Nathan on querying and other aspects of agenting. He's famous for being able to reject a would-be writer's query in minutes.


This one is written by two editors who work for Red Sage, a publishing house for het erotic fiction. Despite this, they focus on the mechanics of writing, with an occasional aside if you happen to be a romance writer. Good if you're into line editing.


Current events that touch on feminist issues.

Koyasu Takehito's Official Blog (Japanese)

I really shouldn't have to explain this. :)

Moon Phase (Japanese)

The latest anime news from Japan.

Query Shark

A rather new blog, run by Janet Reid of FinePrint Literary Management. If you want an agent, the usual method is to write a query letter showcasing your work. Here, people submit their queries and Janet critiques them and talks about whether she'd request to see more. Fascinating and very useful.

Strange Maps

A blog dedicated to strange maps(!) -- cartograms, maps for propoganda, distorted maps for advertising... Cool.


A victory for psychographics! A blog that talks about LGBT rights, hot men and Things Of Interest which includes free downloads, tech, tall buildings.... etc. I don't know how they know what I'll be interested in today, but they're always right. Scary.

BONUS FORUM: Absolute Write Forums

A place for talking about writing.

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