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All information was originally linked at Moonphase:

GaRei -Zero- is picking up steam. For those wondering, the title translates as "Soul Eater Zero". Ohoho, I see what you did there. For what it's worth, the manga also began its run after Soul Eater and I'm sure this announcement is no coincidence. [Link here]
Gainax's latest work will be Shikabane-Hime Aka (Corpse Princess Aka), which is taken from the pages of Gangan. [Link here]
More information on Slayers REVOLUTION has been released. More names have been added to the cast list and the broadcast times revealed. Those names are Kobayashi Yumiko (Dan in Tennis no Oujisama), Ootsuka Akio (Azami in Weiss Kreuz) and Katou Natsuki (model/talent). [Link here]
Has anyone else been watching the Highlander anime develop with a kind of morbid fascination? Yeah? You can now read comments from the cast and the director at the main site (in Japanese). Oguri Shun, when asked about his feeling after watching it, replied "Cool! Tough! Fresh!" so I think he'll be good as the stoic Colin. [Link here]
World Destruction looks kind of interesting, but I can't get the Japanese text inside the flash page to load. I presume I need to download something for Firefox. [Link here]
One of the problems with Natsume Yuujin-Chou faces is that it's so difficult to consistently romanise the title. Anyway, just when it seems we'll never hear anything more about it, the dubbing report comes out and includes a picture of all the seiyuu. [Link here]

The next one is from swirly_ayuri who pointed out a recent diary entry by Koyasu Takehito-sama which I'd kind of glanced over because it was all about Soul Eater and computer games. There's a stray paragraph in it which reads thus:

"I recently dealt with that project. Is it finally moving!? Is it okay to get my hopes up!? How about it? How about it? How about this thing?"

I mentioned a few posts back that I'd seen some great bands at a live in Shinjuku. One of the other bands that I liked posted a video of one of the their songs recorded on that very night.

Don'yoku Naru by Doga Doga Cannibalism

They may look a little scary/silly depending on your point of view, but you have to bear in mind that just before this song, the singer had walked into the audience and delivered a five minute ode to cheeseburgers. They're also very sweet boys when they take their masks off, don't take themselves very seriously, and do their best to thank you in English if you buy their CDs. :)

Indiana Jones came out today, so I went to a showing at five minutes past midnight. Below are spoilers and a poll. Things worth knowing before you see it: there is NO extra scene after the credits.

I've always been told that if you include fifties-era teenagers in a jeep in first act, you have to fire them in the third. In any case, there was a lot of era-setting to establish how much time had passed and the Nazis have been replaced by Russians. I feel that the latter group is not at all like the first -- the Nazis were a specific group of people with common aims. Indy shouldn't have insulted Irina's accent. There was also a lot more slapstick humour than I remember as a kid and the acting a lot worse.

A lot of things I really liked too: an older female as romantic lead, references to previous films, non-stop action, really cool bad guys, nice set pieces. I've condensed all of these into one line, but they are major factors in the appreciation of an action film. I'm also craving a waistcoat (vest).

But now the biggest problem of all. ALIENS INTERDIMENSIONAL BEINGS. WHAT. THE. FUCK. It's not congruent with the Indy universe. NO. NO. NO.

Aliens. Seriously. WTF!?

Poll #1204667 Indiana Jones and the Aliens of El Dorado?

Indy and aliens?

I didn't really mind.
It's appropriate to the pulp feel of the originals.

Despite the list of things that were wrong, I did like the movie, although not as much as I hoped.

Has anyone tried out PMOG? I rather like it...

On Thursday night, I said goodbye to R and L after a meal at a yakiniku place and some karaoke. Sad to see them leave...

Anyway, I'm off to the park soon to meet some friends.

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