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20 June 2008 @ 23:31
A number of titles have been announced recently for animation. So far, none of it is grabbing my attention although some of it looks 'nice' if I had the time. I'm not up-to-date on many current anime as it is.

Skip Beat from Hana to Yume is getting animated. I glanced over the pictures from the announcement and it didn't look particularly original, but I read a summary at Wikipedia and it seemed a lot more interesting. What can I say, revenge is far more interesting than love! [Link here]
Battle Spirits is a CCG, manga and anime. [Link here]
Kurogane no Linebarrels will be promoted at JAPAN EXPO 2008 (France) and AnimagiC2008 (Germany). [Link here]

Tomorrow I'm going out to the Walpurgis club night -- anyone else want to come? Ah... but no one ever does. Oh well.

Last Saturday, I spent the evening at starrbeam's party in Yoyogi Park. It was great fun -- there was much alcohol and we spent about one and a half hours chucking a near-invisible frisbee around in the dark. Every time you caught it and threw it, you had to sing a song -- the older and cheesier, the better. Like I said, lots of fun.

Anyway, I borrowed some pics from her:

Picture 1 // Picture 2

I think you know which one is me by now? :P

I'm still thinking of getting a bass and the Epiphone Goth Thunderbird IV is on my wishlist. What do you think?

Epiphone Goth Thunderbird IV Electric Bass?

You're a poser and should get a poser's bass. Go for it!
You're a poser and should just get something cheaper for now. Don't do it!

It's funny because it's true.

Here's a song that I've loved for a while:

"Blue Light Yokohama" by Ishida Ayumi (いしだあゆみ 「ブルー・ライト・ヨコハマ」) (via YouSendIt)

This song, with its modern enka stylings, has always seemed ephemeral to me. The location is clearly set in time -- it's Yokohama in late 1968. The lyrics are fairly standard, so I don't know why it moves me.

"Silly God Disco" by the gazettE (via YouSendIt)

I saw this in the karaoke machine and noted the first line ("It is cheesed with power...") and had to sing it, even though I'd never heard it before. Fabulous lyrics.
Saint Mick Mars: newssaintmickmars on 20th June 2008 10:49 (UTC)
that sounded so much fun...

the pictures are su cutes!

Williamgenkischuldich on 20th June 2008 10:52 (UTC)
Funny enough, we started out with Tenimyu songs. :)
We're only several miles from the sunanimegoil on 20th June 2008 11:33 (UTC)
Hahaha, Gazette, I love them.... they're a really catchy band.

You're gonna get a bass? Man, if you can afford it, and you think you might actually go to more than just poser status, I say go for it! I love bass guitars way more than... (hahaha, I wanna 'treble' guitars) normal guitars.
Williamgenkischuldich on 20th June 2008 11:47 (UTC)
But... any idea why they might be cheesed with power?

I don't know if I'll go to more than poser status. I'm trying to get a band together, no one plays bass and basses are awesome. The real issue is that basses seem to rely on other people to play with.
We're only several miles from the sunanimegoil on 20th June 2008 12:03 (UTC)
that is true... but, ah... you might find someone later on to do this stuff with, even if it's for fun and not for a band... I'm tempted to say it's not a bad idea.