William (genkischuldich) wrote,

On Saturday night/Sunday morning, I went to another all-night event, this time in Shibuya. Probably one of the most interesting performances was TAIZO (pictured) who did a kind of genderfuck butoh dance. If that doesn't sound AWESOME to you, then you are dead to me. :P

Great music, including a huge number of songs that I actually knew (Joy Division, Rammstein, Rosetta Stone...) and I also met up with my co-worker, who introduced me to his friend, who was DJing a section of the event. We ended up all going to Johnathon's restaurant for breakfast the next morning.

After sleeping for quite a bit, I picked up my Tenimyu tickets today... they are SECOND FLOOR. I can only presume that they're handing out more tickets in the lottery because the machines are so random. But still. Second floor!


I got this dragon egg from scribblemoose. Please click it and help the dragon hatch.

Adopt one today!

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