William (genkischuldich) wrote,


I went out to the kitchen just now and discovered that the cat had yoinked the teabag out of the cup of tea I was making. He's not so smart and teabags have interesting strings and tags.

Speaking of which, my school had two classes on the tea ceremony. When I found out, I managed to get myself an invite too. First we watched a video, then had a talk. Next, myself and the other teacher present took tea ceremony while the pupils watched. Finally, we all prepared the tea (beating it with the bamboo brush) and gave it to our partners to drink. It was fun.

On Saturday, I might be going to Neoromance Live 2008 in Yokohama. I bought the ticket off a fan who wasn't able to attend, but my ticket is still in Yamaguchi prefecture! Well, it was only sent this morning and it'll probably arrive tomorrow. Even so, I won't be happy until it's here in time.

I also want to see Psydoll again on Sunday, so I shall skip Midnight Mess this time.

Anyone want to beta a novel, one chapter at a time? It's a sci-fi murder mystery and I'm only interested in hearing thoughts about chapter one right now (around 630 words). You don't have to be an authority, just know what you like.

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