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Seems like there's been another replacement in the Tenimyu line-up. Only talking about this one because I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere else:

For the Hiroshima, Fukuoka and Niigata performances, the role of Hiyoshi from Hyoutei A cast (Kawai Ryuunosuke) will now be taken by Hosogai Kei from Hyoutei B cast.

How many changes and replacements does this make now? Having said that, the e-mail they sent out is just stuffed with apologies to the extent that you don't even need to read between the lines to understand that they're getting major heat from Japanese fans.

Someone needs to make a spreadsheet that shows exactly who is performing in all of these shows. Even I haven't a clue... and I do logic puzzles in Japanese for fun.

As I mentioned, I went to Neoromance Live 2008, although I don't follow Neoromance titles. I was just there for the seiyuu, but because there were so many of them, many of whom I wasn't familiar with, it kind of blurred into one. When they sang or did monologues, the screens would fill with the image of some bishounen-type and everyone would scream... I had no idea who they were. Having said that, the monologues were enjoyable -- They were supposed to be these cutesy addresses to "you", but they were pretty funny. Uchida Yuuya-san sat down on the stage, then magnificently crossed his legs before talking about golf. I've no idea if everyone else enjoyed it because it was perfectly in character or because it was quite the opposite. I just thought it was amusing and he's a fun seiyuu -- I'd never heard of him before though. One seiyuu made a kind of joking 'settle down' gesture because of all the screaming over his character... I wish I could remember who. His dialogue was also funny -- again, didn't know the full story behind it. Oh, but Hoshi Souichirou-san is adorable. THAT IS HIS REAL VOICE.

Of the songs, I liked Black & White by Kishio Daisuke-san and also the two Live 2008 theme songs. It helped that for the latter two they put up karaoke lyrics. Another seiyuu missed his cue on the second song, I think, despite being excited about singing it.

I found a song list from a Japanese fan here.

Sorry. As reports go, this is pretty terrible. I did enjoy it though!

When I got home, I bought a bass guitar. No, not the Goth Thunderbird... An even better and even cheaper one. It's a used black Aria Pro II RSB, an 80s vintage Japanese bass. How cool is that? It was on display in the shop window for about two thirds of the price you'd pay for the cheapest new guitars.

On Sunday, I had a go at Dungeons and Dragons 4.0 with a couple of friends. There are some cool new species to play, including a kind of demonic race called Tieflings. I originally thought I'd play a Teifling character heavily based on Sebastian from Kuroshitsuji, but I ended up with Atobe somehow. So. I'm playing a spoilt demon noble who's been forced to earn his own pocket money in the town watch.

Generally, things are a little difficult to find on the character sheet and a few of the basics have been changed. There is also a new 'Captain Planet'-style fighting system, where -- with your powers combined -- you can succeed in rolls where you would have otherwise failed.

In the evening, I went to Machine Magic in Shinjuku. The first picture, at the top, is a band called SINO, while the band on the left is Sredni Vashtar. The latter threw out roses as part of their set (and the man doing so was beautiful...). For their final song, they gave out giant cheese puffs and a huge bag of conveni store noodles. I liked them very much.

As usual, I enjoyed Psydoll's set and even got a little email from Nekoi thanking us for coming and to remind us that the next gig is nearer our house - Kouenji, August 23rd. :) Will anyone else join us?

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