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Because I HAD to post about this, even if it's not confirmed yet. Best. Manga. Ever.

Kuroshitsuji to be animated?


YAY: This was totally inevitable and had been rumoured for ages.
MEH: Well, there's no other information available yet.

YAY: This is going to bring the wank.
MEH: Wank means something is popular.

MEH: This is going to suck.

The original diary entry says that the information comes from the August issue of Animedia. Also, regarding the AnimeSuku entry, I have to point out G Fantasy is a genre split aimed at all young adults (Hint: You don't find THAT many female mangaka in an all-boys magazine). It's one of the things that makes it so fabulous: fighting action AND relationships. And... well... that is NOT a good summary of Kuroshitsuji, although it's a fair summary of the manga chapters that have been translated and posted thus far (three? four?). When I read something like that I wonder how many fans have made it to the main storyline...? Yeah, I know I'm being a snobby bastard. Does it make it okay if I acknowledge it? :P

...I find out if I got a ticket to Phantom Night (the Kuroshitsuji fan event) tomorrow, I think.
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