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18 July 2008 @ 23:12
  • I totally missed this: An OAV for naked ape's Switch.


    Fukuyama Jun
    Sakurai Takahiro
    Suwabe Jun'ichi
    Nakai Kazuya

    Not only a fabulous manga, THAT is an amazing cast. Can't wait.

  • Also mentioned was Tonari no 801(yaoi)-chan. I seem to remember reading a blog under that name a long time ago... Looks like it'll try to explain yaoi fans (well, fangirls anyway) to the masses. Do not want?

  • The cover of G Fantasy, the magazine that runs Kuroshitsuji, has been published and there's no mention of any animation, it would seem. Yet.

  • Phonelines open for Tenimyu tomorrow, I think.

  • I caught an article on the BBC website this morning about two rival Sherlock Holmes films. Just reading the cast and description... ick. Ickickick.

    I went out drinking this evening with my coworkers for the end-of-term party. It was all-you-can-drink, but with a little twist... the drinks arrived on time. Usually I order something, then order one more when the previous drink arrives. It means I drink around three umeshu rock, but not this time. I had to give a speech in Japanese and everything. FAIL.
    reichsfreiherr on 18th July 2008 15:27 (UTC)
    I could maybe just about see a comedy Holmes film working since there’s something of a tradition there, though how Sacha Baron Cohen is going to make that work in comparison to actors like Michael Cane I don’t know. But as for the other one I suppose it’ll be in keeping with what might be an emerging trend to bastardise the entire affair. There was a version of Hound of the Baskervilles recently that featured a blond Holmes which I felt was blasphemy enough already.
    Williamgenkischuldich on 18th July 2008 17:27 (UTC)
    It's just going to suck. The actors are wrong, wrong, wrong although I think Sacha Baron Cohen is probably the best of the lot of them.

    ...Well, I really should be getting to bed.
    キャラ エンスイ: Me // Hello~!kyraensui on 18th July 2008 15:28 (UTC)
    There's an OVA for Switch? Hawt dang, now that's awesome!
    Williamgenkischuldich on 18th July 2008 17:28 (UTC)
    I know! They had better keep the art style though.
    Mew: switch - banggokumew2 on 18th July 2008 17:49 (UTC)
    You haven't listened to the drama CDs for switch, have you. .^_~ The cast is the same.

    Man, if the cast (namely Suwabe) sings in the OP/ED, it looks like it'll be another single I have to buy. .x_x
    Williamgenkischuldich on 19th July 2008 05:56 (UTC)
    Hm, I think I mentioned it when the CD first came out. But, yeah, I didn't buy it because I had no money. Would still like to listen to it though.

    It's the art style that really draws me to naked ape though. I'm looking forward (I think?) to seeing how they'll handle that.
    Mewgokumew2 on 19th July 2008 17:32 (UTC)
    You could.... download it? =.x

    Yeah. It'll definitely be interesting to see how they incorporate naked ape's distinct style into the animation.
    ravient: SDravient on 19th July 2008 13:52 (UTC)
    JUNJUN AS BUCHOU?! XDDD *ded* OMG! FUKUJUN AND SAKURAI TAKAHIRO TOO?! XD I JUST read the comics and they will release the OVA!! XDDD

    Phonelines open for Tenimyu tomorrow <-- what does it mean?

    Edited at 2008-07-19 13:59 (UTC)