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From Moonphase:

  • I have no clue about this anime bar the far that it's called Tentai Senshi Sunred (Astral Warriors Sunred), is from Young Gangan/Square Enix, has two cast members wearing amazing costumes and that header is just WEIRD.


    blackbutlerrate. Kuroshitsuji rating comm.... I already joined.

    The staff blog has just been opened up. Here's a quick, quick translation:

    It is nice to meet you.

    Hello to you all. It is nice to meet you.

    I am in charge of PR for the TV anime "Kuroshitsuji" and my name is Yamakazu. From now on, let us work well together!

    Well anyway, we had Phantom Night on July 25th and we announced the new anime & showed the promo event for the first time to the public!

    Check out the event here!

    Director Shinohara and our team of production staff were able to produce an amazing PV and so I want you to see it many times. It's been uploaded to the offical homepage, so why don't you watch it if you haven't already? (http://www.kuroshitsuji.tv/intro/index.html)

    I'm so caught up in the "beauty"...!!!

    From now on, this blog will contain the latest information, the inside story and grumbling from the production and PR departments, so please check daily.

    【The latest news on Comike!】

    The first people to buy the deluxe goods set which celebrates the new animation at the Aniplex booth will receive an original clear file as a present. They'll go quickly, so please come to the Aniplex booth early!☆

    [A picture of the clear file here.]

    *This picture shows both the front and reverse. There is only one type of clear file.


    I have a few new people on my flist from the Tenipuri friending meme... so, feel free to ask me anything (favourite things/views on current events/recipes/underwear/etc). Longtime friends too, if you want. :)
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