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08 August 2008 @ 14:37
Translation of the latest Kuroshitsuji Staff Blog post found here.


Nice to meet you. I'm a staff member for TV anime "Kuroshitsuji" by the name of Y.O.
From now on, I'll also be contributing to this blog. I hope we will get on well.
(The photo below is a section of my desk. The bit above it is a bit dirt-- er, well, you can't see it for various reasons.)

[Photo goes here]

This needs to be commemorated, but since the recent "Phantom Night" event (and thank you to all the ladies and gentlemen who attended), there's been no big BANG!! and no chrysanthemum fireworks. Instead, let me give you this fizzling sparkler of information.

Well, yesterday we held a meeting about the screenplay. Our writing team is a group of strong-minded individuals and we held the meeting in an atmosphere of smiles and explosive laughter. I've been in charge of a few productions myself, but not until now did I see a script-writing unit standing up for the characters. The sense of fun was remarkable and, little by little, this will be reflected in the script.

Finally, we will see how this all comes together and I'm really looking forward to it!!

susperia1: mansairakususperia1 on 8th August 2008 07:56 (UTC)
thanks for the translation!! this is getting me more excited to the anime even though i haven't read the manga yet!! lol but i can't wait!!!!, when is coming out again?
Williamgenkischuldich on 8th August 2008 08:07 (UTC)
Glad to be of service. It comes out in October, I believe.
aionwathaaionwatha on 8th August 2008 15:11 (UTC)
Whee! *count the days*

Say, is Sunday still up?
Williamgenkischuldich on 8th August 2008 15:40 (UTC)
Yep! So... what should we do? Arrange to meet on the same train together and travel down like that? Or if James and I stayed at your house overnight and we left together in the morning (he heard you has a ferret...)...

Or just meet as the flyer says?
aionwathaaionwatha on 8th August 2008 15:42 (UTC)
Any of these options are fine by me! Just let me know what you and James plan to do. I shall fix my shorts tomorrow, lol. Still haven't gotten around to doing it. >_>;;
Williamgenkischuldich on 8th August 2008 15:50 (UTC)
Is it okay to stay over then? We can have a little party...

I should probably check with James first though. Are you on AIM?
aionwathaaionwatha on 8th August 2008 15:52 (UTC)
I am. Invis though. Don't see you.
Williamgenkischuldich on 8th August 2008 15:57 (UTC)
I am Aoyagi Ritsuka...
aionwathaaionwatha on 9th August 2008 07:49 (UTC)
I am awake! 8D
Williamgenkischuldich on 9th August 2008 09:33 (UTC)
Hello, I'm on AIM now. :)
kuroe on 9th August 2008 15:08 (UTC)
Please answer your phone / phone me so we can sort out what we're doing this evening tomorrow!