William (genkischuldich) wrote,

I went to Kichijouji today -- walked part of it and took the train for the rest of the way. My main reason was because they had posted on the Kuroshitsuji site that there were going to be two page spreads on the anime in four different magazines...

I don't have a scanner, so I took these pictures with a camera. Sorry the quality isn't brilliant.

Focuses on the production work done by A-1 Pictures. Has a short interview with the production designer, Iwata Mikihiro, plus the usual introduction to the characters and anime data. Magazine also came with a free Gundam 00 accessory.

Focuses on how "hawt" Sebastian is. No, seriously. The above is a photo of the pin-up, while the article uses the same image on the website. They have the usual anime data and character introductions plus an interview with director Shinohara Toshiya. Without any prompting, he tells us about S&M in the series.

Sebastian and Ciel are the focus of the story, but what is their charm?

"Sebastian is super-powered but the worst kind of person (and best!?), while Ciel is an S person forced into an M set of circumstances, isn't he? We would like to highlight this connection between these two people to women everywhere."

(*...ignoring the gender politics involved in anime in Japan lalala...*)


Usual anime stats and story summary. Came with a free Code Geass CD and trading card.


More story summaries and a radar chart showing how cool Sebastian is. Okay!

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