William (genkischuldich) wrote,

It's keypound time!

More cast names for Kuroshitsuji from this post in kuroshitsuji:

Bard: Toochi Hiroki
Finnian: Kaji Yuuki
Meilin: Katou Emiri
Tanaka: Fujimura Shunji
Elizabeth: Tamura Yukari
Madam Red: Paku Romi
Grell: Fukuyama Jun
Lau: Yusa Kouji
Undertaker: Suwabe Jun'ichi

I think you can see who they are expecting to be the fan favourites. Fukuyama Jun is perfect for Grell really, although I've no idea why Suwabe and Undertaker. I like Suwabe's voice under any circumstances, so I'm still happy. He'll make it work regardless. Paku Romi as Madam Red? Spot on. Haven't listened to enough of Yusa Kouji's work to really make any judgement.

I think there will be a greater range of doujinshi come Winter Comiket... :P

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