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18 August 2008 @ 22:30
It's keypound time!

More cast names for Kuroshitsuji from this post in kuroshitsuji:

Bard: Toochi Hiroki
Finnian: Kaji Yuuki
Meilin: Katou Emiri
Tanaka: Fujimura Shunji
Elizabeth: Tamura Yukari
Madam Red: Paku Romi
Grell: Fukuyama Jun
Lau: Yusa Kouji
Undertaker: Suwabe Jun'ichi

I think you can see who they are expecting to be the fan favourites. Fukuyama Jun is perfect for Grell really, although I've no idea why Suwabe and Undertaker. I like Suwabe's voice under any circumstances, so I'm still happy. He'll make it work regardless. Paku Romi as Madam Red? Spot on. Haven't listened to enough of Yusa Kouji's work to really make any judgement.

I think there will be a greater range of doujinshi come Winter Comiket... :P
sarisamesarisame on 18th August 2008 20:51 (UTC)
I think Lau = Yusa Kouji is a perfect cast since that type of guy is always for him XD. And Suwabe as Undertaker is what I think in mind a little though I first imagined something like Miki Shin's voice.

Fukuyama Jun as Grell is something I never think of , really ==. I even think about somekind of Koyasu's voice haha, yeah I know I hope every psycho characters has Koyasu's voice. Still Junjun doesn't click for me as this type of character, most of the time, I see him as cheerful type , even his kind of Lulu-ish voice can't make me feel any chill so wonder how it'd be like.

I hope we get to know the one who will does William soon , I like him ^^.
William: Kuroshitsuji: Emblemgenkischuldich on 19th August 2008 01:21 (UTC)
Funny, I had kind of imagined Miki Shin'ichirou for Sebastian. I guess I imagined that Undertaker's voice would be higher, not so smooth and definitely not 'sexy'. :P

Fukuyama works for me because I see Grell as the submissive type (for now!), with perhaps a slight edge to his voice. I think he was doing that pretty well in Geass. I think people viewing for the first time will kind of know that we're meant to be paying more attention to Grell at first though. Let's see how he does post-transformation.

Yeah. I'm not much for Sebastian/Ciel, but I do like William/Grell.