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Was interested to hear about the small fandoms meme, closely followed by the smallfandoms.

The fandoms fall into four general categories -- anime that have no fic or discussion that could added to the final product, old anime that everyone's forgotten about or got into at different times, anime that were briefly very popular but had no fic/manga/merchandising follow-through and, finally, very popular live action series that don't usually overlap with anime fandom.

British comedy: Blackadder, Red Dwarf, Father Ted.
Being a Brit, I pretty much take for granted that people have seen these, or know about them at the very least. If you like some of these, check out the other titles on YouTube. I've always kind of imagined that Farfarello is a fan of Father Ted.

Bokura no
I bought up to the fourth volumes of the manga and then stopped when it got to the arc titled after one of my favourite characters (Moji). I haven't read any further. Arc by arc, it takes you into the lives of the kids, tells you how they ended up piloting Zearth and how they die. Like Strikeforce Morituri, but with mecha?

Demon Diary
A action/comedy manhwa that I've just realised may be the predecessor to my Kuroshitsuji obsession. Except here, there's less ambiguity about the relationship between Eclipse (a kind of... demonic butler?) and Raenef, a very young and naive demon lord. They didn't really do the relationship justice in the end though.

A manga that drew me in with its apocalyptic tale of two boys that adored each other and also have powers given by the devil that will ultimately destroy them before they turn eighteen. It's gripping and tragic... but make up your own ending.

Just the anime, as I've heard the manga was adapted quite a bit. Very tightly plotted anime that doesn't leave a single plothole or piece of missing time open for fic. Every episode answered a question and then added its own. Most people have never watched it because of the distinctive animation style. Their loss.

Nerima Daikon Brothers
Comedy musical anime. Of course I loved it. All the seiyuu in this are genuinely nice people too. Plus. there's Nabeshin.

...Yeah. Love HHH, William Regal, Booker T, Mickie James, HBK, Beth Phoenix, Ric Flair and many more. One of the most amazing matches I ever saw (DVD only, sadly) was the career-threatening match at Wrestlemania between Ric Flair and HBK. And Umaga versus HHH at the Budoukan was fabulous... they came into the audience and we abandoned our seats and rushed towards.

Ou no Otoko (The King and the Clown)
(Korean Film)
Nothing to say here. There's nothing to add to this film but a rec.

Guilty Gear X-onwards
(Beat 'Em Up for the PS2)
Cool, stylised fighting game with strong characters.

Comics: Preacher, Sandman, Strikeforce Morituri, Transmetropolitan, X-Men series, Young Heroes In Love
Do these comics have anything in common? I loved them all. If Marvel seems a little unrepresented here, then bear in mind just how many titles the X-Men series covered.

Fact: I own a sketch of Nightcrawler and Wolverine getting married by a certain Marvel inker.

So... what series and properties do you love but never talk about?

And, if you're not tired of pics of the Steampunk Japan meet yet, Aion posted some more:

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