William (genkischuldich) wrote,

Just a bunch of random links today. I'm going to Niigata later tonight. I hate travelling so much and I'm no good at making preparations.

From daegaer:
Cat returns home after nine years.

Korean movie linked in steamfashion:
The Good, The Bad and The Weird
YouTube Trailer here: The Good, The Bad and The Weird Love the "bad guy's" clothing. I do need a new waistcoat, don't I?

This is why I like the Towleroad blog. GLBT rights, gadgets and okapi:
Here's the okapi.

The anime of Mouryou no Hako, which also had a live action movie out a number of months ago, now has a full website up. Designs by CLAMP, animation by Madhouse, fabulous cast... and the opening shot makes me try to map all the characters to the Saiyuki guys.
Mouryou no Hako anime

Tytania: looks pretty, has a good cast.

The cast for Chrome-Shelled Regios (Koukaku no Regios) will be revealed later this month:
Koukaku no Regios

Site renewal for Shikabane Hime Aka:
Shikabane Hime Aka

Splash page for Hell's Angels:
Hell's Angels

Something new for Casshern: Sins, wasn't really paying attention:
Casshern: Sins


Hakushaku to Yousei looks very, very dull. On the other hand, Yuuki Hiro, Koyasu Takehito feature in it, with Midorikawa Hikaru in the lead role.
Hakushaku to Yousei

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