William (genkischuldich) wrote,

最遊記歌劇伝 千秋楽

Announcement at Musical Saiyuuki senshuuraku performance: Saiyuki myu will continue!


...And yeah, we did go to the final show, because I realised it would be really easy to get toujitsuken (same day tickets). And it was! We just showed up an hour before the performance. My impression of a musical/stage event is always improved if it's easy to buy tickets. I came out of the first performance I saw feeling quite upbeat and positive, so I knew it was something I might want to see again. It was probably because the singing was so bad I decided to see it again... At that point I believed it would probably just die quietly like the Naruto musical.

I think... I think I may be a bit in love with this musical. It's so moe. It has its flaws, its major major flaws, but it's just adorable in all other respects. It helped a lot that this performance was a heck of a lot better than the previous one. The audience were really behind the cast, who adlibbed their little hearts out. We even clapped along to Kanzeon's song. There's some really good chemistry there. The scene between Hakkai and Gojyo was fabulous and they were both trying not to snicker. There was a ton of extra stuff and the cast seemed more relaxed. I noticed Hakkai and (later) Kougaiji were crying at curtain call though. :P

The singing? Was better. I could hear an actual tune this time and now it's stuck in my head. Two new songs stuck there, even from a musical I've seen twice, is quite unusual. I have to confess that maybe, just maybe, I want the soundtrack. Unthinkable.

(Oh yeah, kuroe and I went for yakiniku afterwards, so this post is written with the help of beer and half a decanter of sangria.)

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