William (genkischuldich) wrote,

Iron Man was released this weekend and I got to see it before pretty anyone else on my flist!!


Anyway, I finally got to see it. I guess they didn't think it would be very popular, because they didn't even have a 12:01 showing on Friday night, like they did with Indiana Jones. Overall, it was pretty good, but needed more waistcoats.

Assuming there's a sequel, it looks like we'll see both War Machine and Nick Fury in the next film. The scene after the credits was well worth it. Samuel L. Jackson!? I didn't see his name in the credits... Oh, and there was a blink-and-you'll-miss-it reference to the Ten Rings. Could the Mandarin be the next villain? With a name change?

I liked the scenes with Tony Stark developing his armor best. Pepper Potts was weak -- her lines revealed a strong woman, but her posture and facial expressions told a different story. Another actress would have made all the difference. Most of the women were awful, but then so was Stark. How do you show that otherwise?

I think Marvel tries to be too "real world" sometimes -- it works thematically with series like The X-Men, where you have a general message. But I don't want to hear that a mecha powersuit can bring peace to Afghanistan or that Captain America can take out Hitler.

Stark x Rhodey? Y/Y?

Overall, my ranked list of "summer" films:

1) Speed Racer
2) Dark Knight
3) Iron Man
4) Indiana Jones.

Sparkly, shiny lights and waistcoats for the win. I'm so predictable.

Here be new Kuroshitsuji PVs. The action sequence with Sebastian looks so cool and it restored my faith after I heard there was going to be a VARIETY TV SHOW SPECIAL dedicated to butlers like Sebastian. If you've ever seen any Japanese variety shows, you'll know why that's horrifying. They are the TV programmes that international clip shows import so we can stroke our beards and marvel at the weirdness of Japan. Also I wasn't picked for either of the special events. Three out of three now -- how can one person be so unlucky? Is it really that popular or is it my name...?
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