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Here's a compilation of all the recent (and no-so-recent) Kuroshitsuji news. The TV series will be first broadcast outside of Tokyo from "tonight" at "25:25" (that's 1.25 am, Friday morning). However, this is in the Kansai region, so we'll probably be able to get the raw before it's shown on TBS in the Kantou region, a day later. It's followed by Kurogane no Line Barrels in the programme schedule (in Tokyo, anyway).

There's so much information, I just cut and pasted, then changed the words into English. The formatting is identical and there are still some Japanese characters in there (like quotation marks). Let me know if this causes a problem.

■2008.10.02:Information to be published in 「ANICAN R-TV」「Pafu」「Pick up voice」!

■2008.10.01:Mobile site: Forest Page are in the midst of developing a Kuroshitsuji event!

■2008.09.30:A post-dubbing interview/photograph session with the cast.

-- Here. Will be translated on request.

■2008.09.29:A message from Toboso Yana-sensei, after having viewed the first episode.

-- Here. Will be translated on request.

■2008.09.29:Dessert as designed by Toboso Yana-sensei now available, called 「Queen's Letter」

-- Here. Each branch has only fifteen per day.

■2008.09.29:Released on 9/26, 「Animation Note」 will feature a six page interview with both the director and the character designer.

■2008.09.22:「Kuroshitsuji」 Special Broadcast! "Kuroshitsuji SAKIDORI SP: Who is the Best Butler?"

Kuroshitsuji meets variety show. You know my thoughts on that already.

■2008.09.19: On sale 18th Nov! Fifth volume and Monthly G Fantasy!

■2008.09.18:「Kuroshitsuji」 Official fanclub established!

-- Here. I'd sign up if I could get to a post office before 4pm on a weekday.

■2008.09.18:New drama CD announced! 「Kuroshitsuji Karei Naru Drama CD」

■2008.09.18:Kuroshitsuji making an appearance at MARUIONE SHINJUKU presents 「INDIVIDUAL FASHION EXPO Ⅳ」!?

■2008.09.16:On sale 9/10, 「Newtype」「Animage」「Animedia」!

Newtype has two pages on Kuroshitsuji, Animage has two, while Animedia has six plus a serial feature on Ono Daisuke.

■2008.09.10:Opening and ending themes announced.

Just in case you missed it...

Sid "MONOKURO no KISU (Monochrome Kiss)"
Becca "I'm ALIVE"

■2008.09.01:TTVAnime 『Kuroshitsuji』 Web Radio announced.

-- Here. Anyone know how to save it in mp3 format?

Wouldn't it be great to have a Kuroshitsuji-themed picnic in a park? Or something? The idea has been sitting in the back of my mind all day...




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