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07 October 2008 @ 00:50
genkischuldich: So the younger brother is taller?
aionwatha: Right.
genkischuldich: And he tops?
aionwatha: No, no, no. Sam always bottoms.

It's a difficult transition from anime fan to American TV drama fan. :)

On Saturday night, we watched the first few episodes of Supernatural together while waiting for kuroe and drank some kind of French mead. It wasn't as good as the Scottish stuff, but I'm just amazed to find it in Tokyo anyway. Also there was much Kahlua and coke. We invented a Kuroshitsuji drinking game. It's a little complicated, so I'm putting it under a cut.

Kuroshitsuji Drinking Game

1. Drink every time Sebastian is Awesome.

You should have drained your glass by the end of the opening credits.

We watched bits of Blackadder and Red Dwarf from YouTube, then caught the first train home in the morning.

I managed to join the Kuroshitsuji fanclub today and I guess I just have to wait for stuff to arrive now. I'm not really sure what I get for my money. The ability to buy exclusive merchandise, I think. *laughs* I'm also watching capslock_butler. I suppose I'm kind of new to this fandom concept, but it's the first time I've ever liked anything enough to really 'get' a community like that. Against my better judgment, I find it kind of funny.

I went to Ikebukuro to get a few shirts for work from Uniqlo and popped into Closet Child. I now have my Halloween costume, although I wonder how long it will be before I wear it before then anyway (PSYDOLL are performing at Gothic Bar Heaven on the 24th!). It's a long, crimson coat from Atelier BOZ, but I'm not quite sure whether to wear it as a pirate or a vampire. Either would work.
susperia1susperia1 on 6th October 2008 14:03 (UTC)
wow supernatural!!!!! i watch it too although only for sam and dean moments!! ahhh brotherly love!!!!! :)
and cool blackadder and red dwarf!!! i totally love these shows!!!!!!!!! i can't get enough of them!!!!! my lister autograph is proudly displayed on my wall!!!! :)
oooo wear the coat as a vampire!!!!! that'll be cool!! i'm saying that coz i love vampire things!!!! :)
Williamgenkischuldich on 11th October 2008 01:33 (UTC)
Yeah... I get why it's so popular. I guess the (current?) monster-of-the-week format would make it pretty easy to write fanfic too.

Okay, a vampire it is then. :)
amelia cavendish: dev_earl supernatural ooh!yami_tai on 6th October 2008 15:03 (UTC)
No, no, no. Sam always bottoms.

Are you talking about Supernatural? Because in my experience most folk prefer Dean bottoming. Personally I don't mind either way!
susperia1susperia1 on 6th October 2008 15:57 (UTC)
haha lol i had to reply to you coz i just asked my sis and she thinks that sam should be top!!!!! lol
but i totally think it should be Dean and sam bottoms!!!!! i've never really thought about sam being on top before though!!!! :O
amelia cavendish: dev_earl supernatural panicyami_tai on 6th October 2008 16:18 (UTC)
i've never really thought about sam being on top before though!!!! :O

*hee* I think the attraction is that Dean is always the protector and has so many issues, that it is nice for Sam to take control.
Williamgenkischuldich on 11th October 2008 01:34 (UTC)
We had a long discussion about this with several non-fandom Supernatural fans and a bottle of Kahlua. It seems those outside the fandom think of Sam on the bottom. Interesting...
ext_109169 on 6th October 2008 16:25 (UTC)
Odd. I don't pay that regular attention to the fandom (as distinct from the series) but I don't think I've ever read a fic in which Dean tops.
Williamgenkischuldich on 11th October 2008 01:37 (UTC)
None of the those involved were actually fandom types... just what they got from the a lot more seasons of the series than I've watched so far.
aionwathaaionwatha on 7th October 2008 04:48 (UTC)
It should be noted that I am not in the fandom at all. For me it was just sorta obvious from the start. Wincest just feels DeanSam to me, not the other way around. But hey, if people prefer it the other way around, sure, why not. XD;;

Sam just sorta screams "bottom" to me.
Williamgenkischuldich on 11th October 2008 01:37 (UTC)
Save me some Kahlua. :P
aionwathaaionwatha on 11th October 2008 03:50 (UTC)
I haven't touched it yet. XP

Else it would totally be gone.

I asked Eda to tell me when to leave and stuff for tomorrow. I'll let you know as soon as she tells me.

I ended up sleeping all night, getting up at 10:30am, then fell asleep again waiting for a word from Erin. Just woke up now after sleeping all day, too. Yikes. So no onsen this week. Oh well. I was worried it might be a bit too much for me for one weekend anyway.