William (genkischuldich) wrote,

I just came back from Tokyo Game Show with aionwatha, dilettantka and kuroe.


This game is so, so good. It's a bit like Quake 3 Arena, except you can run up anything, float briefly in the air and come down on your opponent, explode the scenery and interact with it in ways I probably haven't discovered yet. I was fighting a sorceress and there was a spiral ramp up the centre - I was just getting used to the game and blowing up many of the wooden slats. Then Squall jumped in the air and onto the metal railings that supported them at the sides and 'surfed' his way to the bottom. Plus you can run vertically.

The fighting stylisation is as exciting and dramatic as Advent Children, except you get to control it.

And yeah, it's pretty.

(For those thinking about acquiring it, there's NO critical in-game Japanese. You'll need Japanese to 1) decide if you want easy/hard mode and 2) confirm you want to start with a new character. That, as far as I was able to play and can remember, is all there is. [Edit: Actually, I remember a little more now -- you were also told at the end of each battle what you had won -- gil, daggers, etc. Not exactly critical?])

aionwatha played as Zidane, while kuroe was Tidus, so they might have some different stuff to say about it. We all mocked each other for our choices, obviously.

[Edit: There are only about six or eight starting characters and none of them are Sephiroth. :P As Squall, I could use my gunblade to both shoot and stab. Not sure about the other characters.]

We also attended two Saitou Yasuka (Tenimyu boy) events and he really does have a lovely dress sense. Apparently he watches Kuroshitsuji too. *ahem*

Saitou Yasuka 1 // Saitou Yasuka 2

At the Squeenix goods booth, we saw a whole bunch of new Kuroshituji stuff for sale. Apparently they've brought out high-quality version of the stuff you can buy in Animate, like Ciel's ring (different sizes available!) and Sebastian's lapel thingy. But they're so expensive...

Also got a preview of the Ciel statue and the smaller collectible figures that will be out soon.

Ciel and Sebastian (large) // Madam Red, Lau, Grell, Ciel and Sebastian collectibles // Madam Red, Lau and Grell collectibles

After that, we went for yakiniku and lots and lots of candy. We were just being so dumb and it was FUN. We ordered three five decanters of sangria in quick succession in the restaurant and when the waiter finally told us they didn't have enough left for a decanter, we asked them to bring glasses. WE DRANK GYUUKAKU OUT OF SANGRIA. *laughs* The last picture sums it up -- I'm holding a candy drink, since you asked.

It's a novelty candy drink, okay!?

Here's dilettantka's version of the day. aionwatha's is here, but for a few days only.
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