William (genkischuldich) wrote,

So, just under half of my flist those who read this journal are either suffering from a cold or getting over one. I think that's a pretty significant percentage!

I played the Kuroshitsuji drinking game on Friday with aionwatha and dilettantka, then watched a bit of Supernatural and Saiyuuki.

Kuroshitsuji... deviated from the manga in style and substance, but not plot, and we laughed our arses off because of it. It's pure crack. Or maybe that was the "French-style" absinthe we were drinking?

Today, I went for a walk and took a couple of pictures of the flowers growing wild at the side of the road. I've no idea what kind of flowers they are.

Here are some links found while trying to edit my writing (currently a failure and source of angst, amongst other things):

  • 25 Best Most Powerful News Photographs (WARNING!)
    A slideshow of the most iconic and disturbing (American) news photographs of the twentieth century. They will definitely provoke thought, although most are deeply unpleasant. View with caution.

  • Days of Autumn
    I love photography and photographs. :) A collection of photographs from around the world dedicated to the theme of Autumn. Some of the ones of England in the mist are stunning.

  • To Autumn (John Keats)
    Not exactly new, but... I love Autumn and this is my favourite poem about it.

  • Industrial Landscapes
    More photography. :)

  • Space ‘smells like steak and metal’
    And now for something completely different. Nasa asked for help in creating a fragrance that smells of the Mir Space Station to train astronauts.

  • Fifty Of Your Favourite Words
    From the BBC, a list of interesting words chosen by website readers. Which one would you choose?

  • Revision Letter
    For all the writers seeking publication out there. One way a published writer tackles manuscript revisions requested by editors.

  • VIDEO: Baby anteater
    What it says.

  • Kuroshitsuji Animated Icons
    Nice animated icons from aionwatha.
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