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21 October 2008 @ 00:10
Giant bowl of noodles spotted outside the east exit of Shinjuku Station.

In other news, tiny screencaps for the next episode of Kuroshitsuji are up at the official site and Production I.G. have announced that they're working on a new animated film with Oshii Mamoru about Miyamoto Musashi.
susperia1susperia1 on 20th October 2008 17:58 (UTC)
omg i feel like giant noodle right now lol!!
just start swimming in the pot! XD, nice pic of it as well!!!
oo I.G are doing a new film! that's cool, they always have nice quality animations! i've still to see sky crawlers, i think that's what it was called!
Williamgenkischuldich on 20th October 2008 22:55 (UTC)
Yeah, Skycrawlers looked interesting although it was because of who was involved, not the subject matter.
Thomas Vye: Apollo Mew!thomasvye on 20th October 2008 19:43 (UTC)
XD I saw that promotion! They were doing some kind of event during the kmorning.
Williamgenkischuldich on 20th October 2008 22:51 (UTC)
Yeah, I noticed you were going to Kabukichou alot! The Kuroshitsuji exhibit is close by, btw. Want to meet up or are you too busy?
Ariss Tenohariss_tenoh on 21st October 2008 18:12 (UTC)
That noodle bowl is rather funny^_^
Williamgenkischuldich on 24th October 2008 12:13 (UTC)
I thought so -- it was still there the next day, with smoke coming from it!
The Devil's handmaiden: aya-therapy?seraphim_grace on 22nd October 2008 00:42 (UTC)
why does this immediately make me think Ramen ikaaga?!? (the story of a boy and his alien lover who lives in a bowl of ramen)

anyhow on a seperate note I was pointed to the velvet underworld site by a friend and i think ti's been updated, i ran it through babelfish and could make neither heads nor tails of it, but it looks like it was updated in august possibly, on the special page
i think, but can't be sure, my ability to read illiterate transenglish fails, that there was a petition sent out at a convention and something about taking control of drawing, I know you're as impatient and want it as much as i do so i thought I'd mention it to you and you could give it a quick once over and see that my friend was excited over nothing (her babelfishing is about as good as mine - therefore crap)
Williamgenkischuldich on 24th October 2008 12:14 (UTC)
I went to the site and that's old news, I think. Sadly, it really HAS been more than a year since the site was updated!
The Devil's handmaiden: castiel 1seraphim_grace on 24th October 2008 12:37 (UTC)
I found out why though,through extrapolation of a lot of babelonian, I found out who was making it and it was wedge, it looks like it was meant to be a game for a mobile system, probably the DS, with a subset called RADIX, but when the rumour leaked it was popular enough (Koyasu's blog probably)that Wedge took it from Radix (who did anime once including Haibane renmei and serial experiments lain) and passed it off to another company under their umbrella called AceDeuce.
Radix didn't like this and caused a fuss but were overruled by Wedge holdings- as far as i can tell Radix do this alot they're currently suing over appleseed generation
There were three at the time, including one called Attacked Kuma3, but the dollar was impossibly strong so the companies started taking a loss selling their properties to the US and they scaled back production, they recieved a large cash injection from the Japanese govt and did a large cull inhouse, but they didn't cancel any projects, just fired a lot of middle management as far as i can tell. HTey also bought out a live action movie studio to film in thailand
Now here's the good news, although no release date for Attacked Kuma3 has been set they have already released merchandise and on the wedge site they are starting to talk about the second anime whose name I have forgotten, so there might be news soon
but because of Radix being a pain in the ass they don't appear to want to let AceDeuce use their designs for something else, so it might be that Velvet Kingdom, the subcompany to make it, are starting from the ground up
as i said this is a lot of extrapolation form the ancient art of reading babelonian (translanting what babelfish translates it into)
the wedge site is

boys-hit doesn't exist anymore and the original velvet underworld site on wedge has been taken down, but amazon.jp are listing attacked kuma3 toys. (they look like the happy tree friends)
it looks like it went back to the drawing board, but i might be wrong, however it was scaled down due to financial problems, i got that bit from reuters