William (genkischuldich) wrote,

Last night (this morning?) I went to Gothic Bar Heaven with kuroe. I've been meaning to go to this event for ages, but I was forced to go this time because Psydoll were performing, along with Himemanik and Akira Death.

Gothic Bar Heaven is a great night, with dressing up encouraged like Tokyo Dark Castle, but with the intimacy and seating arrangement(!) of Walpurgis. MARZ, which hosts Midnight Mess and Tokyo Dark Castle, doesn't have anywhere to sit and cool off. There were many different types of people, so I felt comfortable.

I went to use up my drink ticket at the bar and found myself with an unusual problem.

Me: Beer, please.
Bartender: Beer...?
Me: Yeah. Beer?
Bartender: Be...er?
Me: Yeah. Beer?
Bartender: Just beer?
Me: Yeah.
Bartender: *Looks miffed, shrugs and goes for the beer*
Me: Ah, it's okay. What do you recommend?
Bartender: Oh! Yay! Is strong okay?
Me: Yep, definitely.
Bartender: This is a Kamikaze Dori. ^____________^

He was so much fun that I just kept returning and seeing what he would come up with next. I think he's one of the key organisers of the event, actually.

First band up were HimemaniK, who gave us all lollipops with their website address on it and then emptied a box of heart-shaped balloons into the audience. Dark, gothy folk love balloons. Seriously. We spent the rest of the evening batting them across the dancefloor. They seemed to have a number of fans and it was nice to see people clapping for the first band of the evening.

Psydoll were second and Nekoi was great, as usual. She bought us all beer after Psydoll's set and I could see why it isn't a bestseller -- it comes in the same tiny plastic cup as the cocktails.

Finally, meet AKIRA DEATH.


They were pretty good, although the focus was on performance rather than music quality. That's not a bad thing, since they were fun and I jumped around a lot. Jumping around is very important.

There was a separate room where the music wasn't so loud and things were being sold. Accessories and CDs mainly, but there was also a tarot booth. I got talking to a couple of people there, many of whom seemed to be teachers. One guy asked if I was a friend of Psydoll because he'd seen me around a lot. Ahaha, I stand out that much? Actually, I'm completely aware of the answer to that, but still.

I haven't done much today except sleep and edit my writing.
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