William (genkischuldich) wrote,

  • This post amused me: Kuroshitsuji Capslock
  • I guess you're either reading already or will have NO CLUE what's going on. But seriously: Tennis no Oujisama mannequins living together and... it's difficult to explain. Here's the Halloween party though: Halloween mannequins

    I had a whole post typed up about the latest Kuroshitsuji news -- Sebastian's seiyuu will release a song under the title "Sono Shitsuji, Kashou" (That Butler, The Singer) featuring the songs "Anata no Koe ga Iroaseyou tomo, Meiyaku no Uta ga sono Mune ni Todokimasu you ni." (Even If Your Voice Fades, May The Melody Of Our Oath Reach That Heart.) and "Tsuki no Ame" (Rain of the Moon).

    ...Unfortunately, I sent it to the Kuroshitsuji community and it's waiting in the mod queue.

    Speaking of which, I bought Toboso Yana's previous manga "Rustblaster" this week. In retrospect, it wasn't bad, but it was nowhere near as fabulous as Kuroshitsuji. There was one point when it got so dumb that I had to text aionwatha to explain how dumb it was. I think I'll do a proper review of it once I've reread certain key sections of it, because it turns out I was too dumb to get the ending.

    So tired... Should sleep... But I wroted original fiction for Halloween! I want to post it! AND I HAVE A PUMPKIN! DO YOU KNOW HOW DIFFICULT THOSE THINGS ARE TO ACQUIRE!?

    That's all for now.
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