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30 October 2008 @ 21:36
  • This post amused me: Kuroshitsuji Capslock
  • I guess you're either reading already or will have NO CLUE what's going on. But seriously: Tennis no Oujisama mannequins living together and... it's difficult to explain. Here's the Halloween party though: Halloween mannequins

    I had a whole post typed up about the latest Kuroshitsuji news -- Sebastian's seiyuu will release a song under the title "Sono Shitsuji, Kashou" (That Butler, The Singer) featuring the songs "Anata no Koe ga Iroaseyou tomo, Meiyaku no Uta ga sono Mune ni Todokimasu you ni." (Even If Your Voice Fades, May The Melody Of Our Oath Reach That Heart.) and "Tsuki no Ame" (Rain of the Moon).

    ...Unfortunately, I sent it to the Kuroshitsuji community and it's waiting in the mod queue.

    Speaking of which, I bought Toboso Yana's previous manga "Rustblaster" this week. In retrospect, it wasn't bad, but it was nowhere near as fabulous as Kuroshitsuji. There was one point when it got so dumb that I had to text aionwatha to explain how dumb it was. I think I'll do a proper review of it once I've reread certain key sections of it, because it turns out I was too dumb to get the ending.

    So tired... Should sleep... But I wroted original fiction for Halloween! I want to post it! AND I HAVE A PUMPKIN! DO YOU KNOW HOW DIFFICULT THOSE THINGS ARE TO ACQUIRE!?

    That's all for now.
    キャラ エンスイ: Tieria Erde // Lost my way...kyraensui on 30th October 2008 14:06 (UTC)
    "Anata no Koe ga Iroaseyou tomo, Meiyaku no Uta ga sono Mune ni Todokimasu you ni" (Even If Your Voice Fades, The Melody Of Our Oath Will Reach This Heart)

    *blinks* Wow. Now that's a long title. xD
    Williamgenkischuldich on 30th October 2008 14:20 (UTC)
    I don't think they're even TRYING to take themselves seriously anymore.

    And I forgot to add the full stop. The title has a full stop in it.
    N: hinokiirat on 30th October 2008 14:25 (UTC)
    Singing Sebastian? I want a PV!
    Williamgenkischuldich on 30th October 2008 14:28 (UTC)
    The anime is the PV. :) We already know he can play the violin...
    We're only several miles from the sunanimegoil on 30th October 2008 14:31 (UTC)
    Oh, dude, that scene I was like... Sebastian, is there anything you really can't do? He just totally whipped out a violin from thin air and began playing a waltz, or whatever it was! ... Damn plot devices... totally unreal. But it did make me happy. Now it makes more sense for him to be teaching Ciel to play the violin ^_^What was hilarious was GRELL singing! The singer's voice was so much deeper than Grell's XD
    Williamgenkischuldich on 30th October 2008 14:32 (UTC)
    This butler... can do anything. :)
    We're only several miles from the sunanimegoil on 30th October 2008 14:45 (UTC)
    Clearly. I just read the capslock comm link you sent... LOL, apparently, he can lays eggs too. XD I loved the comments thread in for that post. It gave me lots of LOLS.
    We're only several miles from the sunanimegoil on 30th October 2008 14:29 (UTC)
    Kuroshitsuji ♥ I like that first song's title. Um, yay for Sebastian/Ciel.

    Anyway, LOL, TeniPuri mannequins...

    Pumpkins are hard to find where you live? Dude, in our school cafeteria we have a giant bin of them for free, so people can take them and carve them out. 0.o
    Williamgenkischuldich on 30th October 2008 14:32 (UTC)
    I'm so jealous! I just paid the equivalent of $40 for mine.
    The Renegade Who Had It Made: Pumpkinsjukebox_hero on 30th October 2008 14:42 (UTC)
    Are pumpkins hard to get in Japan? You can't go anywhere here without seeing mountains of them.

    I think I'm gonna get some and make Haro pumpkins. :D
    Williamgenkischuldich on 30th October 2008 14:50 (UTC)
    Orange pumpkins, yes. Green pumpkins are fairly common. But kuroe found one and brought it home.
    susperia1susperia1 on 30th October 2008 14:46 (UTC)
    oo i did hear somewhere that fruit and veggies are exppesive there! not sure though lol! but it was actually hard for me here to find a good sized pumpkin, feels like such a waste because my carved face was terrible!! carving pumkins is something i'm not good at lol!
    ooo can't wait to here the new song!! XD
    Williamgenkischuldich on 30th October 2008 14:51 (UTC)
    Yeah... I once saw a shop stall in Shibuya Station selling plastic pots, each with a single strawberry in it, for 250 yen (around $2.50).
    h_w: Get wellhungry_worm on 30th October 2008 15:18 (UTC)
    Oh goodness, the mannequins are brilliant. *awed* Thanks for linking! :D

    The vampire moths sound interesting. Although I'm not really keen on being ambushed by moths.

    I've had Kuroshitsuji on my "to read" manga list for a while now, and I think I'll have to start with it soon! I'm hearing all sorts of interesting things, and what I've seen looks neat, so... heh. Where's my time when I need it?

    Enjoy your pumpkin, especially if it's so rare to get! I just got one for making soup, and my brother was disappointed that I'd ut it in the oven instead of doing some carving (not that we even do the carving thing in Germany, haha).
    Williamgenkischuldich on 30th October 2008 15:29 (UTC)
    Three of the mannequins have their own journals and do regular updates -- the only problem is trying to read from the beginning because the photodiaries all intersect. You should definitely friend them though!

    I love Kuroshitsuji. It's my favourite manga, because of the perfect blend of comedy, serious angst and action. Thanks to the fandom that's started up because of the anime, it's also considerably more fabulous now.
    凱pyrrhic_victoly on 30th October 2008 17:27 (UTC)
    OMG the mannequins! Out of all the PoT crack, how could I have missed this?

    Someone should bring this pumpkin deficit problem up with the Japanese. Then encourage them to grow SQUARE PUMPKINS. Hells yeah!
    Williamgenkischuldich on 31st October 2008 09:01 (UTC)
    It's probably because it's mainly word of mouth and everyone assumes everyone else is already reading it. My friend told me about it at her house.

    That would be awesome. But I don't think they really understand they have a deficit. :)
    Jesshideincarnate on 31st October 2008 09:03 (UTC)
    HAHAHAHAH Oh goodness, the mannequins...where do you even BUY manneguins?! XD But it was brilliant.

    Also - I totally pre-ordered the Dissidia game off of Squenix's site because hey C.O.D. XD
    Williamgenkischuldich on 31st October 2008 09:19 (UTC)
    It started with her asking for one from the window that looked liked Sanada and went from there, or so I hear.

    Yay! I wish I had a PSP...
    Jess: Autumn - appleshideincarnate on 31st October 2008 09:22 (UTC)

    Well, you could get it WITH the special 20th anniversary FF PSP but it'll cost you more. XD; I just needed the game.