William (genkischuldich) wrote,

I climbed Takao-san again with kuroe. You can now see red and yellow leaves everywhere, so it's a good time to go. I also tried hascap icecream, which is derived from the Ainu word for edible honeysuckle (Thank you Wiki!). Apparently it's linked to eternal youth and life.

We also got to see Fuji-san at sundown, as you can see from the picture. That meant that we had to make our way back down in the dark over uneven terrain, over ridges with gulfs either side. It was fun.

Later, I attended the weekly Kuroshitsuji viewing without a waistcoat, aionwatha wore white and the anime in question was mysteriously crap.

That's what happens when you deviate from the manga, huh? It turns out that the real appeal of the anime was seeing the best scenes coupled with seiyuu and background music. The plot was boring and Sebastian didn't get to do anything except state his hatred for dogs. Um, yeah. Probably one of the most damning things is that it seems to just be ripping off the plot of Hound of the Baskervilles. And yeah, there's a Sir Henry in that book, too. Seems like an obvious homage, until you wonder how many Japanese fans are going to be able to identify the source material. Needless to say that the same would be true if the situation were reversed and a Western show was 'paying homage' to Japanese lit.

We also ordered pizza. aionwatha asked me what store I wanted to order from and I replied that it had to be Pizza Hut. You win, Code Geass, you win.

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