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On Friday I went to Shamaim, an Israeli restaurant in Ekoda (a few stops from Ikebukuro on the Seibu line). It was pretty good -- on the last Friday of the month they have a belly dancer. Some of the guys were complaining since since she was an older lady, but I thought she could really move her body in some extraordinary ways. Anyway, no complaints here!

Before I went, I didn't really know what Israeli food was like, since I never really ate out much before I came to Japan. We started off with a kind of basil crouton snack, then carrot and chickpea soup, then a main course of made up of hummus, pitta bread, and all kinds of filling including some kind of fried meat and fried lentils. They also have a vegetarian option, though, not to mention a selection of Israeli beer and wine.

Anyway, it was really good.

On Saturday I went to the Vermeer Exhibition in Ueno Park with blodeuedd. Anyway, we had a great time walking though Ueno, seeing the golden leaves and occasional samurai. They were there to promote some kind of festival.


We had some emergency coffee (my fault!) and panda-yaki near the zoo entrance, then headed to the exhibit. It wasn't bad, but the crowds didn't complement the paintings very well. It needed to be more relaxed, with less pushing and shoving. I wanted to go back and compare works by the same artist of the same area which had been painted later and see companion pieces side by side. As it was, we were in a line and could only move forwards, one step at a time. By the time we got to see the paint head on, we had read the description in both English and Japanese several times and had been staring at the side view for about five minutes.

After that, it was dark out and we saw some of the Christmas light sculptures in Ueno Park. There was a stray cat sitting amongst them, looking smug for being the only real animal there.


We continued to wander, trying to find food, since most of the places are fairly dodgy around that area and cost 6000 yen just to sit down. Eventually we used my phone to find a Watami, which is always a safe bet. We also saw a cat outside a restaurant. Unfortunately it's a terrible picture since I didn't want to use flash and scare him.


All in all, a good day out and it was nice meeting blodeuedd.

I actually got something from the Kuroshitsuji fanclub...! A very pretty embossed letter thanking me for joining and saying the first issue will be along whenever[*] and they're very sorry for the delay.

[*] Actually, they said the last third of December... which was when I received their letter.

I stopped by Animate and found that they have random, collectible Kuroshitsuji shitajiki/pencilboards in the machines now. I got three, all of them different. This ignores the fact that if they'd simply been for sale, I probably wouldn't have got them. WTF, self?

I bought G Fantasy and avoided reading the manga in question, since I haven't read the proceeding parts. What I did read was a pretty good manga called "Diabolic Garden" that SEEMS to be about a bunch of livehouse goths who also have dealings with the world of magic and demons. The play-by-play accounts of other bands' performances are as exaggerated as the match descriptions you find in Tennis no Oujisama and they also fight magical spiders. My favourite character so far is probably Gestalt. He's pretentious in his speech and writes tanbi lyrics...I find him easy to understand, since he talks like me. :) Summary says he's a lazy demon who can turn into a rat/mouse. Since I've only read one issue, I'm not entirely sure if I'm supposed to find it as funny as I do, nor can I tell you if that summary is accurate.

Anyway, I bought G Fantasy for the free Kuroshitsuji CD (mini-drama). Here's the upload in .m4a format, which is how iTunes ripped it:

Kuroshitsuji Mini-Drama: Sono Shitsuji, Soujou

All the track names are in romaji, since that was the only way I could zip it. They'll probably appear in Japanese on your mp3 player.

From Moonphase:

  • Higashi no Eden: Eden of the East is an original animation from Production I.G. I've no idea what it's about, but the image on the splash page is striking.
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