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I headed over to my friends' house for another Kuroshitsuji Night with aionwatha, dilettantka and ee970. Since it's aionwatha's birthday, dilettantka made couscous and tandoori chicken, plus cake. I think you can see the colour and consistency of the icing in the picture -- it inspired a number of jokes, but the taste was pretty good.

Once more, we were horrified by what they did with Kuroshitsuji in the anime. We watched two eps this week. The first was episode nine and was stupid, stupid, stupid. And when I say 'stupid', I don't mean in that cheesy way I'm so fond of. There was one moment that was so-bad-it's-hilarious when Sebastian saved Ciel from the falling statue and it ended up with Sebastian looming over Ciel with angel wings. I'm going to stick my fingers in my ears and pretend that it was mocking such cliches rather than actually being one. Lalala.

The second one we watched was episode ten and pretty damn funny. The title was "That Butler: On Ice" and it certainly was an apt description. I laughed so hard during the final action sequence as it was over the top in all the right ways. And there was the return of The Undertaker, my second favourite character and a promise in the next episode preview that Grell will be reappearing! One thing I noticed in the credits was that there was a character called Drossel, which would go well with the mechanical dolls that appeared. Perhaps they're going for a Nutcracker vibe? Didn't notice who played him, since his name appeared very briefly. But he had a nice voice and seemed cool enough that I want to see more of him. A number of people noted the absence of dogboy in this ep.

In truth, I don't really mind whether this anime is good or bad. Hanging out with friends and drinking tea/cocktails makes Kuroshitsuji Night one of the highlights of my week. :)

I took the second photo in this entry last Friday, I think. I was at the train station with some friends and you could see Mt. Fuji against the sunset. We took some photos with our mobiles, even though we were the only ones doing so. I did a little bit of editing to the picture in order to remove the station name.

In other news, I signed up for Last.fm. I haven't really done anything with it, besides marvelling at how awesome my taste in music appears at first glance. Mind you, I'm only scrobbling a single playlist of my favourite tracks. Neither the Inspector Gadget Dance Remix nor Chichi wo Moge will be appearing.

My most played?

* BUCK-TICK (13 plays)
* Apoptygma Berzerk (5 plays)
* Cobra Starship (4 plays)
* The Crüxshadows (4 plays)
* D'espairsRay (4 plays)
* LUNA SEA (3 plays)
* Depeche Mode (3 plays)
* Mercenary (3 plays)
* アリス九號 [Alice Nine] (3 plays)
* Weiβ kreuz (3 plays)

Add me if you like:


Finally, would anyone like to beta my (currently unfinished) Yuletide fic? Knowledge of British English a plus... Anyone?
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