William (genkischuldich) wrote,

I woke up this morning unable to speak and decided to take the day off. Several classes in my school have been on enforced sick leave due to flu (eight confirmed cases at last count), so I could have been in trouble for turning up for work in that kind of environment.

Anyway, I stayed in bed today. Now, I'm going through pictures that I'd been meaning to post ages ago. This set is from dilettantka's birthday party. I forced everyone to participate in a "photoshoot" called 「MY☆ケーキ」 (My Cake), which sounds hilarious if you've been living in Japan too long. Or maybe it's just me. Cakes supplied by starrbeam.


Now we can be in a band! :) One more photo: Eda

Next I'll post some photos from the livehouse I went to see last week. It was one of the best gigs I've been to and had some really interesting musicians.

Oh and I just drank my Sebastian-flavoured tea. He tastes of caramel. Inside the packaging, the teabag was a sad generic thing, btw, although it was pretty good. (Now try a Sebastian(n) beer.)

Link from viridian5: Zombies attack Texas

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