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04 February 2009 @ 22:33
Had a difficult few days which are best talked about in a filtered post, if at all. And my internet barely works, if at all. Generally, life is okay though.

...Thanks to this website (from Making Light)

I went to Animate on Monday and picked out a four boxes of random Kuroshitsuji figures. Believe it or not, I got every single one I wanted. Three different versions of Sebastian and one of William.

Sebastian x 3 // William

I found another new piece of merchandise too. It's a 'dress sticker' to stick over your Suica card (train pass) with the "Funtom" logo on it. When you swipe your card over the scanner at the train station, you can pretend you're logging in for work to the Funtom corporation[*]. Who would buy such thing? I stood there looking at it for good two minutes, laughing myself silly.

...It's sitting on my desk as I type.

[*]You don't actually take the card out of your wallet, since the scanner can read the card through the material. The more likely scenario involves you only getting it out when you have to present it to station staff because something's gone wrong.

Have another piece of useless merchandise!

I'm also thinking of giving away some of the excess pins/swings I get from the machines in exchange for Easter eggs. Will make a proper post to the KSJ comm about it though, which you can look at if you're interested.
ニャホニャホ: 殺女 黒十字 [バラバラのバーバラ②]moecona on 4th February 2009 13:52 (UTC)
It seems like most of my friends and my f-list has hit rough times lately so I hope it gets better for everyone soon~

lol @ the dress sticker...I'd totally buy that too.
Williamgenkischuldich on 4th February 2009 14:17 (UTC)
In comparison, it's really nothing. Just that Japan really hates foreigners sometimes.

I'm glad someone gets the appeal of the Funtom Suica. :P
キモさ満々♡ 미친 외국인dilettantka on 4th February 2009 14:05 (UTC)
*drive-by hugs*
Williamgenkischuldich on 4th February 2009 14:18 (UTC)
Thanks. :) It's just the usual anti-gaijin stuff. ^^
deeper down the well: Kuroshitsuji - Sebastianmurasaki_kaze on 4th February 2009 14:22 (UTC)
; ; I hope what has you down gets better soon♥

And I saw your entry over on the KSJ comm and now I'm thinking of going to go get the teasets/teabags. XD;;
Williamgenkischuldich on 5th February 2009 12:37 (UTC)
Thanks. It's just the usual anti-foreigner sentiment in Japan. I explode about it roughly every three months!

I'm not sure you can still get the tea/jam set anymore, but the teabags are a current promotion.

Are you planning on coming to Tokyo for the musical, btw?
deeper down the well: Hitchhiker's - Sofamurasaki_kaze on 5th February 2009 12:39 (UTC)
Aaaugh, yeah, that gets to me sometimes and I'm one of those 'ninja-blends-in' foreigners.

Teabags, yay. |D I'll take what I can get, really. XD;;; I love the random merchandise they sell.

I really want to go! But I don't know if I'll be able to get tickets. D: I figure it's going to be craaaazy popular and whatnot.
Williamgenkischuldich on 5th February 2009 14:06 (UTC)
Well, there are disadvantages to that too, of course. Just different ones.

I recommend the cellphone strap "swing" things which you get from the machine for 200 en. They're much nicer than the statues.

Well, you've entered the lottery, right?