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15 February 2009 @ 19:41
In her blog post for Friday, Toboso-sensei wrote that the Undertaker's secret would be revealed in the anime. So I guess it's canon? She also drew a really good picture of him.

She also talked about how she views the characters, saying the Undertaker's design "seems like it's straight out of a B-movie". She also notes that Grell is pretty similar, but has a harder edge. She says that she was listening to SlipknoT's "My Plague" on repeat while creating Grell, particularly the red version. In contrast, she listened to Danny Elfman when she was drawing The Undertaker.

Recently, she's been listening to emo and screamo while drawing, although she listened to GACKT's GHOST for the fight scenes. She said she was listening to it on repeat during the current issue.

In between episodes of Kuroshitsuji, aionwatha showed me a couple of episodes of a fairly new TV show called Leverage, which I really enjoyed. It's like an American version of Weiss (or BUGS), or an updated version of the A Team. The plot twists all over the place, and would fall apart if even the slightest thing went wrong. But it's very cool and I like almost all the characters.

I haven't seen much talk of it on my flist, so I don't think it's very popular. Shame.

The picture is of a handmade chocolate cake I got on Friday for Valentines Day. :)
ext_109169 on 16th February 2009 19:32 (UTC)
I've been watching Leverage (I just don't post anywhere about tv). It has a Ken-a-like!
Williamgenkischuldich on 17th February 2009 08:43 (UTC)
Which one? None particularly strike me as being Ken-like (yet).

ext_109169 on 17th February 2009 23:04 (UTC)
Elliot. The hair's wrong but he's got the dumb-but-possibly-not thing going for him, is mainly noted for his muscles and nifty fighting skillz and undercovers in assorted menial roles. I *think* the hilarious use of OTT music during his big romance scene in ep 3 was deliberate.