William (genkischuldich) wrote,

Kuromyu cast list:

Bald: Koyama Tsuyoshi (小山剛志)
Finni: Minami Shouta (南 翔太)
Meilin: Igari Atsuko (猪狩敦子)
Grelle Sutcliff: Uehara Takuya (植原卓也 - Was in Tenimyu and FROGS.)
Lau: Ryuuya (龍 弥)
Undertaker: Izumi Shuuhei (和泉宗兵)

All of these people, with the exception of Undertaker and Bald strike me as being way too young for the roles. I can't be the only one imagining most of the characters in their late twenties/early thirties, right?

Btw, I bought the character guide book yesterday. It initially seemed like a waste of money with only a couple of new pictures. However, they have interviews with Grelle, Sebastian and Ciel which are genuinely amusing (why didn't the actual fanclub send me anything like that, huh?) and there are some nice sketches plus a personality test, which I'll translate later this week. One thing I did find out is that this guidebook transliterates Grell's name to Grelle.

So tired. Haven't slept much this week. Feeling down for very specific reasons. I'll be okay.
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