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Here is a text translation of the Velvet Under World comic as it appeared in Animate's free magazine "Kyarabi". I haven't cleaned it up yet and I'm half-asleep since it's the end of the week, but I thought you might want to read it.


Fragment #1
by Kuya Sakaki

Side: The start of seiyuu Koyasu Takehito's new project! Please read this comic first!!

A.Y.A wakes up in an expensive apartment in what appears to be Odaiba in the Tokyo Bay area.

A.Y.A: ...Where am I?

A.Y.A: I...


Side: STAGE. Tokyo. A world that has yet to conquer incurable disease or achieve world peace ...The near future.
It is in this city that a string of strange murders is occurring.

Aya looks is the mirror. He's wearing a ring around his neck. Clearly visible under his neck is the name Lerajie Nightwalker (the first section is a demonic name derived from Qabala [Wiki]. Down his front is written "Realm of the Emperor" in Japanese. Can't quite read the kanji on his left hip, but it might say 'ghost person'. Just under his chest on the right are the initials "A.P.L" followed by two kanji which might read 'Tamamushi' (a type of beetle). On the left is something unreadable, although I think it has the initals 'V.O.' in it. On his upper arm are the kanji 'Tenrou', which refers to the star of Sirius.

A.Y.A: What...

A.Y.A: ...are these?

A.Y.A: Where the hell...

A.Y.A: ...is this place?


Side: A.Y.A. During a certain incident, he received heavy wounds that led him to the verge of death. He lived, but paid for it in two ways. His memories up until now are forfeit and new memories are lost with sleep. The resurrected Aya is charged with the task of burying those whom the law cannot touch.

He sees his name written in the Roman alphabet on one of the photographs pinned to his wall.

A.Y.A: !!?

A.Y.A: A...

A.Y.A: Y...
A.Y.A: A...

Kuro appears from nowhere.

Kuro: Aya.

Kuro: So you woke up then.

A.Y.A: Who...
A.Y.A: ...are you?

A.Y.A: Aya...?

A.Y.A: A... Y... A...
A.Y.A: My name is Aya?


Side: Kuro. He's intrigued by Aya's background and takes pictures for the sake of preserving his waking memories. Aya can only connect to his past memories and his current state through Kuro's photographs and written memos. In order to manage Aya's memories, he's constantly by his side.

Kuro: That's right.
Kuro: You're Aya.

A.Y.A: And you...
A.Y.A: You're Kuro?

A.Y.A points to the photograph of Kuro.

Kuro: That's right.

A.Y.A: What am I doing?
A.Y.A: I don't remember anything.

Kuro: I'm your personal photographer.

Kuro: Because your memories are lost when you sleep.

Kuro: And so, we do this.

Kuro: We create a photographic record.

Kuro: It's unavoidable.

Kuro: So let's commence this ritual once again.
Kuro: Let me tell you about your memories up until yesterday.


Side: V. She controls an intelligence network which locates unpunished criminals and sends out the orders to erase them. She provides everything including information, ammunition and every type of equipment. She's always cool and collected.

A pregnant woman hurries down the street.

Woman: I'm running late~!
Woman: If I don't hurry, I won't have prepared dinner before papa returns home~!

A shadowy figure approaches.

Bad guy: My dear lady.
Bad guy: Your beauty is astounding.

Woman: Huh?

She turns around and he grabs her.

Woman: !!?

Bad guy: Hey.

Bad guy: Would it be possible for you to teach me about pleasure?

Bad guy: Please?


Side: Key words. Erinyes. The collective term for the specialists who work to support Aya. There are twelve in total, including Kuro.
Mixed Paranoia. Murder is an everyday matter to them. This is the term for when they work together as twisted killing demons. Even the police are at a loss with them.

Meanwhile, back at the apartment.

Kuro: And so that's "Dry".
Kuro: He's good with computers.

Kuro: He has data on everything.

Kuro: The last person is "Pawn".

Kuro: He's an explosives specialist.

Kuro: The above twelve are all specialists that can help you.

Kuro: We're called Erinyes.

The katakana probably transliterates to Erinyes [Wiki], also known as The Furies or The Kindly Ones.

V walks into the apartment.

V: How was your awakening?

V: Aya?


A.Y.A: It was hardly good news.

V: Right.
V: Sorry about that.

A.Y.A: You're "V"?

V: Excellent.

V: Kuro.
V: Thanks for everything, as always.

Kuro: You're welcome.

Kuro: We're already on the subject of work then.

V: You started early!

V: Here, in an interval of three days, a succession of bizarre corpses have been found.

V: The victims all died from blood loss.

V: In each case, they had scars on their necks where they had been bitten.

Kuro: Could it be Mixed Paranoia...?

A.Y.A: Mixed Paranoia...


Side: "Memory..." Can A.Y.A's memories be returned to him!?

V: That's right.

V: The ones who stole your memories.

V: Mixed Paranoia.

V: Take back who you are.

V: Aya.

Aya: Take myself... back?

(End of Fragment #1)
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