William (genkischuldich) wrote,

Last night was Gothic Bar Heaven, which was pretty good. The line was 2BULLET, PSYDOLL and AKIRA DEATH, plus Taizo's Butou dance. I was too tired to completely enjoy it, but it was fun. Will post photos later. Unfortunately, as a result, my cold has got worse. I feel like death.

Next week is both Walpurgis Night (another club event) and the Tokyo International Anime Fair. Anyone want to go to either? Or both? 26th April, there will be a launch gig for Psydoll's new album too.

It's also my birthday in just over two weeks. Anyone interested in doing anything for it? If so, when are the best days for you?

Thoroughly enjoying Twitter, particularly since I can post through my phone. Need moar people to follow/be followed by though.

Just getting fics together for Weiss Day now. We finally have all of them, which must be a first. I figured I'd post them closer to the Western March 14th, because most people are closer to American time than Japanese time (judging by the time people got them to me on deadline day!).
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