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Here are the photos from the Tokyo International Anime Fair. Covers everything from Yatterman, Higashi no Eden, Ai no Kusabi, Kyou Kara Maou, Basara and a ton of other series. I've put everything in chronological order, including commentary. If you want to talk about a photograph from here, please feel free to link to this post. Thanks. :)


This was the first thing I saw as I came into the TAF. A sign says that these were props that were actually used in filming the new Yatterman film.

Ponyo. How many of you instinctively started singing the theme? Be honest.

Figure atop a Naruto-related booth.

I have no idea what anime/product these guys were selling.

Just before this, I passed Miki Shin'ichirou doing a handshake event (I think). I couldn't take part because you had to have bought something specific Gundam 00-related a couple of hours previous. Anyway, I went to see the trailer for Higashi no Eden (Eden of the East) and Ristorante Paradiso. This picture is blurry because I was vaguely aware that I probably wasn't supposed to be taking pictures as they were showing new trailers.

The screening area was really cool. Although you can see that the individual TVs didn't line up, they all worked together to produce a big screen trailer. I saw two for Eden. One that is already up on the website and another was made of stop-motion paper cutouts, as in the next photo.

In the centre is a replica of the mobile that forms part of the plot of Eden. In the trailer (really more of a music video), the male paper cut-out runs away and meets with a girl-shaped hole in the paper. At that point, I had flashbacks to "The Enigma of Amigara Fault". DO NOT WANT.

These are glasses as worn by characters in Ristorante Paradiso, in conjunction with a frames company, so are presumably available to buy somewhere.

Official cosplay by booth staff, which got a lot of guys' attention. Don't recognise the character -- probably some moe series.

Along the way, I got a free 07-Ghost oversized bag which included a CD with the OP and ED themes plus a mini-talk. I also saw the Studio 4°c and their 3D renderings of trailers from Biohazard, Happy Feet and Sachiko. Sachiko looked cool in 3D, but I've never heard of it before.

Ooh, Etch-a-Sketch. And yeah, those are real people inside.

Saw the trailer "Kumo no Mukou, Yakusoku no Basho". Don't know why it was showing, since it's quite old by now. Having said that, I've never seen it and now I want to.

Booth staff cosplay to promote Basara.

Same booth, still promoting Basara.

Booth staff promoting the final Kyou Kara Maou OAV. They were working from the same booth that was promoting the Ai no Kusabi OAV series, which you can see behind them.

I got a flyer for the OAV, which I photographed as best I could, since I know at least one person who's really looking forward to this! Warning: big files.

Front / Back

So, my impressions of the trailer? Lots and lots of chains. Chains which look as if they have been traditionally animated (except probably not) as well as sparkly CGI chains. It looks nicely animated and more explicit than I remember the original. There is a sweet kiss between Iason and Riki, although Iason's voice sounded wrong to me. Not nearly as smooth, deep and clear as Shiozawa Kaneto. *deep sigh* Iason had a nice flowing cape though. In any case, I think the thing that will get most people talking is the PULSATING ABS. There's just a close-up of Riki's (?) abs (and just his abs) contracting as perspiration rolls off them *squish squish squish* Show this to a room of yaoi fans and most of us would be laughing. *squish* But I liked it. I want to see it. I think that, while more explicit, it won't compare to the original.

Kuroshitsuji dolls.

Part of the cardboard!Sebastian that you can have your photo taken with. *swoon* Honestly, Animate, you are truly spoiling us with your KSJ promos.

Sebastian's pocketwatch.

Passed a poster for Oppai Volley (or maybe ballet?) and I have NO clue what it's about. Don't want to know either. Shortly after a guy stopped me and asked if I could help support his international music project, 'bringing Japanese music to the world'. Apparently I look like a visual kei producer. Flattered, but hardly. LOL.


Sangoku Engi (sp?) is a joint project between China and Japan.

The venue, Big Sight.
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