William (genkischuldich) wrote,

Text translation of the Velvet Under World comic Fragment #2 from "Kyarabi". It's 1.30 in the morning, you figure out how accurate it's going to be.

I'm working on a really crappy scanlation of the first part too. With PHOTOGRAPHS of the pages, since I figure it's probably better than nothing. Is it? You tell me.


Fragment #2
by Kuya Sakaki

Side: The second installment of seiyuu Koyasu Takehito's original project "Velvet Under World"!

A young girl lies sleeping.

Girl: ......

The shadow of a member of Mixed Paranoia falls across her.

Girl: Who...
Girl: Who's there!!?

Nightwalker: Don't move.

Nightwalker: Let me give you the ultimate pleasure.


Side: STAGE. Tokyo. A world that has yet to conquer incurable disease or achieve world peace ...The near future. It is in this city that a string of strange murders is occurring.

Girl: Agh!

Girl: Aaaaaaaggh!!

He drains her of blood.

Nightwalker: Fu... Fufu...

Nightwalker: This taste...
Nightwalker: ...is most refreshing.

Nightwalker: Almost like...
Nightwalker: ...Gamay.

SFX: Ton ton ton ton ton


Side: This comic was drawn in full colour!! So to those who want to read it in full colour... May 28th is when the character CD comes out and the comic will be available with the standard edition. Check out the details on page five!

(The details on page five are traumatic. Moah to follow.)

Dry takes his own temperature.

Dry: Thirty five degrees in the space of five minutes.

(Meaning that he put the thermometer in his mouth, waited five minutes and read the temperature, which seems to be the Japanese way of doing it. His temperature is probably a bit low, btw.)

He walks around, thermometer still in his mouth, and sees Noi waiting for something.

Dry: Noi?

Dry: Aren't you going inside?


Side: A.Y.A. During a certain incident, he received heavy wounds that led him to the verge of death. He lived, but paid for it in two ways. His memories up until now are forfeit and new memories are lost with sleep. The resurrected Aya is charged with the task of burying those whom the law cannot touch.

SFX: Knock Knock.

Dry knocks on the door and enters, with Noi following him. Kuro, A.Y.A and Velvet are already waiting for him.

Velvet: We've been waiting, DRY.


Side: DRY. One of Erinyes, the team that supports Aya. He deals with computers and headwork, although no one knows why he always has a thermometer in his mouth.

Dry: This chain of events is down to "Mixed Paranoia".

Dry: There's no mistaking "Nightwalker".

(If you recall A.Y.A's naked body from the first Fragment as well as I do, you'll remember that the name Lerajie Nightwalker was written under his neck.)

Kuro: ...That vampiric freak, huh?

Dry: Right, at the nape of the neck there were two puncture wounds and the victim died of blood loss.

Velvet: And with that, you fully understand his modus operandi, don't you, DRY?

Dry: Although it took me some time.

Velvet: ...A.Y.A.

Aya: ...Yeah.

Aya: I got it.


Side: Mixed Paranoia. Murder is an everyday matter to them. This is the term for when they work together as twisted killing demons. Even the police are at a loss with them.

Dry: I've created the mission plan.

Aya: OK, we can go with this.

Aya: How about it, V?

Dry: Yeah, if it's okay with you.

Kuro: So who will you choose?

Dry: "Pawn".

Dry: And "Fake".

Aya looks at photographs of the pair.

(Due to the series premise, it seems more likely that Aya is speaking. But looking at the hands holding the photographs, it could be Dry.)


Side: FAKE. One of Erinyes, the team that supports Aya. A specialist in disguise, he can transform himself into another person regardless of gender, age, height or body type. No one knows "his?" true appearance.

(Yes, the question mark is there in the original...)

Another young girl walks alone at night.

Girl: ...?

Nightwalker: I wonder what YOU'RE gonna taste like!


Side: At last the mission has begun! Please wait for the next exciting installment!

Nightwalker: !!

Pawn flashes the thumbs up sign as everything explodes and the 'young girl' rips off her mask, revealing Fake.

Fake: Too bad.

Fake: You might've found me quite tasty.

End of Fragment #2

On page five, there's this piece of information:

All four to be released on May 28th.
"Fragment Person 01 [A.Y.A] Koyasu Takehito" // CD+Animation
Special version: 1890 yen // Regular version: 1260
"Fragment Person 01 [KURO] Suzumura Ken'ichi" // CD+Animation
Special version: 1890 yen // Regular version: 1260
"Fragment Person 01 [DRY] KENN" // CD+Animation
Special version: 1890 yen // Regular version: 1260
"Fragment Person 01 [PAWN] Toyonaga Toshiyuki" // CD+Animation
Special version: 1890 yen // Regular version: 1260

Koyasu Wrote A.Y.A's Song Himself!

Aya and the members of Erinyes feature in this character CD series. In the first group, there are songs from A.Y.A, Kuro, Dry and Pawn. A.Y.A's is from the seiyuu star himself, Koyasu, and is called "ONE DAY". Perhaps the characters' thoughts will be hidden in these songs...?

There Is An Original DVD Included So You Can Enjoy Both Sound And Animation Together!

The special edition contains both songs and an original music clip animation DVD so you can see the characters as soon as possible. Since there are still many mysteries surrounding these characters, you can try to read between the lines using the songs and animation as your guide. Plus, with the regular version, you can still read the prologue comic in colour.

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