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Kuroshitsuji musical review

I went to the opening night of Kuroshitsuji musical and it was amazing. Quick recap of my favourite scenes, major spoilers.

I had the opportunity to meet up with some friends beforehand, so we wandered around Sunshine City, with me in top hat and tails and my friends with various Victorian touches. Eda had kitten hair. I might have some photos to post of everyone later.

At the venue (Sunshine Gekijou), there were no Sebastian bromides for sale. However, each character had two or three costume shots, which was good. Pamphlets were only for sale after the show. They claimed they hadn't arrived yet, but that might have been to avoid spoilers for the special cameo appearances. Said pamphlets also had full lyrics!

The show starts with a voiceover by Tanaka telling everyone to turn off their mobiles... And then again... Oh, and one more thing, make sure to turn off your mobile. Then Abberline came on (I really liked what he did with his character), made a fun speech and the musical started proper with the three servants.

I have to admit, even though I knew it was a musical, it was still a surprise for the characters to start singing like that. The set was flat, anime-like, which made the characters seem like they were straight out of the manga. It looked really good.

...Then Sebastian came in and kind of gyrated. It was a fine sight.

Ciel's costumes were good with plenty of detail... I think there were about three different ones. He never appeared in a dress, but Sebastian did fight with cutlery. Nicely done, although I think there were some times when Sebastian was meant to do something amazing and it didn't quite go to plan.... like when he's supposed to pull a tablecloth out from under glasses and cutlery. [Edit: Okay, this WAS intentional and Ciel says as much to Sebastian later. My eyes were apparently elsewhere on the first viewing.] Generally, Sebastian was not particularly interesting, unless he was showing some kind of specific emotion (usually relating to cats or fighting).

I really liked Lau in this. He even sang a song partly in Chinese.

Undertaker was my joint favourite with Grell. I loved him, loved his voice (similar to the way Suwabe did it) and -- most of all -- loved his song. He sang along with rat handpuppets on his shoulder. I couldn't stop laughing. Above all else, this musical is extremely funny, with some good fight scenes, just like the manga.

The star of the show HAD to be Grell. It really has to be seen to be believed. Takuya's body language was spot on the whole time and he appeared as both butler!Grell and shinigami!Grell. The transformation takes place in a changing room onstage. The detail of the Deathscythe is perfect. Then... Grell and Sebastian have a fight scene/duet together. It was magical *fapfapfap*

Finally... Agni and Souma cameo! Seriously. I wish Agni's actor were a little easier on the eyes (*shallow*), but Souma is everything I wanted. They are as slashy as ever too.

Overall... it was love. Going to have to find a way to see it again.
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