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07 June 2009 @ 19:03
Kuromyu / Sebastian's Song / "Yes, My Lord"  
Sebastian's song ("Yes, My Lord") from the Kuroshitsuji Musical.

I welcome any corrections before I post this to kuroshitsuji.
The translation is less literal in some areas, either for effect or to rearrange lines to account for English grammar.
I have no idea how to romanise characters names, so they are exactly as they appear in the musical pamphlet.
I can't check the romanisation against the CD yet, so there won't be 100% accuracy.
...There won't be 100% accuracy anyway.

Sebastian's Song
"Yes, My Lord."

Sadame tsumugi  Tokoshie ni tsuzuku ibara no michi mo  Aruji ayumu nara watashi wa soba ni iru
Kono mune ni chikaishi chuusei wa yuragu kotonaku  Aruji mamorinuku tsurugi to narimashou
Sore ga waga shimei

(Bald) Tatoeba arashi ga!   Kitemo
(Mey-Rin) Donna toki demo?   Reisei ni
(Finni) Aruji ga iru nara!   Mukaete misemashou  Itsumono asa wo
(Mey-Rin) FANTOMU-HAIV no!   Shitsuji
(Finni) Bokura no tehon!   Tarumono
(Bald) Sasuga da ze!   Kono teido dekinakute dou shimasu? Deshou?

Sore wa sate oki  Anatagata wa ima nanji ga gozonji desu ka?
SUUPU no shikomi ga owattenai desu yo!  (Bald) Wa-tta yo!
Kusamushiri wa itsumade mateba owaru no desu ka?  (Finni) Gomen nasa~i!
ROOZENDAARU de  Torisoroeta shokuhin wo watta no wa
Yahari anata deshou ka  (Mey-Rin) Ha, hai desu daa!
Mattaku motte darashinai desu ne  Shiyounin no jikaku wo mochinasai!

(Ciel) Bakabakashii  Boku wa heya ni modoru zo

Iie bocchan  Honjitsu no yotei wa kore kara  Saa  Gojunbi wo
Ee  Tatoe nani ga okoroutomo  Watashi wa aruji no tame  Tsukusu dake desu kara
Douzo  Watashime ni mei wo

Sou  Kono karada mo kono kokoro mo sasageta anata ni mei wo itadakeru nara
Watashi wa iimashou  Takaraka ni Yes, My Lord.


Sebastian's Song
"Yes, My Lord."

Destiny spins  If my lord walks for eternity along this thorny path  I will walk beside him.
Hand on my heart, with unshakeable loyalty  Like a sword I will protect my lord to the end.
This is my mission.

(Bald) What about storms?   Even if they come
(Mey-Rin) Whenever the time?   Calmly
(Finni) What if the master's here?   I will receive him  Just like any morning
(Mey-Rin) Phantomhive's...!   Butler
(Finni) Our rolemodel!   That is my role.
(Bald) Yeah, as good as always!   What to do about your failures this time? I wonder?

Set that aside  Aren't you aware of the time?
The soup isn't ready yet!  (Bald) 'Kay, got it!
How long before you're finished with weeding?  (Finni) I'm so sorry~!
The one who broke the Rosenthal porcelain
Was you, of course, wasn't it?  (Mey-Rin) Y-Yes~!
Honestly, you servants are truly careless  Be more conscientious!

(Ciel) This is stupid. I'm going back to bed.

No, Bocchan  The schedule for today starts here  Well  The preparations are finished
Yes  If anything should happen  For the sake of my lord  I will work myself to exhaustion
Please  Give it to your humble servant...

That's right  My body and heart is dedicated to you and you will give your life to me
So let me say  Loudly, "Yes My Lord."


セバスチャン 歌唱曲
「Yes, My Lord.」

運命(さだめ)紡ぎ  常しえに続く棘の道も  主歩むなら私は傍にいる
この胸に誓いし忠誠は揺らぐことなく 主守り抜く剣(つるぎ)となりましょう

(バルド)たとえば嵐が!   きても
(メイリン)どんな時でも?   冷静に
(フィニ)主がいるなら!   迎えてみせましょう  いつもの朝を
メイリン)ファントム・ハイヴの!   執事
(フィニ)僕らの手本!   たるもの
(バルド)さすがだぜ!   この程度できなくてどうします?でしょう?

それはさておき  あなた方は今が何時がご存知ですか
スープの仕込が終わってないですよ!  (バルド)わーったよ!
草むしりはいつまで待てば終わるのですか?  (フィニ)ごめんなさ~い!
ローゼンタールで  取りそろえた食品を割ったのは
やはりあなたでしょうか  (メイリン)は、はいですだぁ!
全くもってだらしないですね  使用人の自覚をもちなさい!

(シエル)馬鹿馬鹿しい  僕は部屋に戻るぞ

いいえ坊ちゃん  本日の予定はこれから  さあ  ご準備を
ええ  たとえ何が起ころうとも  私は主のため  尽くすだけですから
どうぞ  私めに命を

そう  この体もこの心も捧げた貴方に命を頂けるなら
私は言いましょう  高らかにYes, My Lord.
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sanoiscarisanoiscari on 11th June 2009 07:51 (UTC)
Thanks for doing this, i was planning to do some but haven't got around to it yet. I have the musical recorded btw, dunno if I will dump it on the net or not yet >o< it might help for translation though ?  
Williamgenkischuldich on 12th June 2009 15:26 (UTC)
Yeah, I've got a few half-finished (I decided to go and learn Chinese half-way through Lau's song *facepalm*). Let me know which ones you're doing so we don't duplicate each other?

I'd love to hear your recording of the musical... whether it helps with transliteration or not. :) I want to hear the Ciel/Yuuki song again. That was really nice.
sanoiscarisanoiscari on 13th June 2009 07:58 (UTC)
Ok do you have msn messenger or something? Add me if you do and I will send the songs. bluesummers@hotmail.co.jp

So far I've only started translating the Red or Black lyrics. I didn't want to look at the Chinese in Lau's orz I was planning to finish Red or Black and then do the last song with Sebastian and Ciel so if you haven't done much of those I will continue. I love the Ciel and Yuki song also <3 To be honest I can't stop listening to all the songs haha I'm a bit obsessed.
Williamgenkischuldich on 14th June 2009 07:13 (UTC)
Thanks! I'm Aoyagi Ritsuka on AIM, if that's okay? Otherwise, what about SendSpace?

That's great, those are the two I didn't want to tackle (one for formatting issues and the other because I'm not a huge Seb/Ciel fan). :)
sanoiscarisanoiscari on 14th June 2009 16:46 (UTC)
I have aim i will add you on there ^^ Well lol I wanted to do it mostly cos some is in English already and I'm lazy ^^
sakura_clampsakura_clamp on 9th September 2009 18:43 (UTC)
Oh! It's so fantastic this song!
Su full of love SebCielXDDD

Thaaaanks so much for all!!!X3
Williamgenkischuldich on 10th September 2009 13:05 (UTC)
Thanks, glad you liked it!
crescent_moony: Fangirling since the Victorian Eracrescent_moony on 9th September 2009 22:58 (UTC)
There is no such thing as 100% accuracy in terms of translations. It's really more of an art than a science... and I, for once, embrace liberal translations-- they make more sense.

What I'm trying to say here is that I LOVE YOU SO HARD for this BEAUTIFUL translation! XD It saves me the trouble of doing it myself, haha. ^_~ Please keep up the excellent work, and let me know if you decide to do any other translations! c:
Williamgenkischuldich on 10th September 2009 13:07 (UTC)
I'm glad you liked it. I already have "Shì Shàng Méi Yǒu Néng Zhì Hòu Huǐ De Yào" (Lau's Song) on my comp and I will post that soon now that I can check it. :)
crescent_moony: BDSM Cielcrescent_moony on 12th September 2009 05:05 (UTC)
I doubt you care very much about fandubs, but so you know, I just finished/posted fan dub lyrics to this song based off of your lovely translation. :3 You can find it either on my LJ or the "Phantomhive" comm. (http://moon-maiden36.livejournal.com/63990.html)
elune | the skyelunnie on 8th December 2009 12:58 (UTC)