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21 July 2009 @ 00:26
Hi everyone! Been very busy recently (except, um, today, which was a national holiday). I went for all-you-can-drink at an izakaya/karaoke parlor for work on Friday and that rendered me useless for a good portion of Saturday. Pathetic. I still had time to meet up with dilettantka in the afternoon and BUY VELVET UNDER WORLD CDs. Yes, I has them! All five! More about them tomorrow, if I have time. The day after, I attended Tokyo Toy Show and wrote about it for my blog. Please check it out and link if you like it.

Those blog posts:

Paying For Nature: Showa Kinen Park

TOKYO TOY SHOW: Llamas, Unko and Pogo Sticks

(LJ feed here: spamfromjapan)

Here's a picture I didn't include in the above article, since I'm in it. I'm posing in front of a Transformer and trying to look tough, but laughing too hard. I really wanted a Gundam... (as always, f-locked)
Williamgenkischuldich on 21st July 2009 11:38 (UTC)
They even had large, glossy cards featuring many of the characters. I can't believe the character design of the guy Yuuki Hiro is playing!

Thanks! I hope you enjoy the latest blog photographs too... of Rhinoceros Beetles. :)