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VELVET UNDER WORLD Fragment story #0 "The Fool"


A.Y.A: Koyasu Takehito
VELVET: Shintani Ryouko
KURO: Suzumura Ken'ichi
PAWN: Toyonaga Toshiyuki
NOI: Maruyama Maki
GARAGARA: Saiga Mitsuki
MIWA: Tsuji Shinpachi
Cabaret Girl A: Takada Hatsumi
Cabaret Girl B/Victim: Wada Michiru
Black Suit Guy: Kageura Daisuke

Ending Theme:

歌/子安武人 作詞/秋本康 作曲/羽場仁志 編曲/西岡和哉

恋人よ   今   受け止めて
あふれる想い   あなたの両手で
恋人よ   今   瞳を閉じて
高鳴る胸が   2人の言葉

キャンドルの炎に   揺れてるプロフィール
世界で一番   素敵な夜を   見つめている

愛が生まれた日   この瞬間(とき)に
あなたとならば   生きて行ける
愛が生まれた日   この瞬間(とき)に
君とだったら   生きて行ける

Ai ga Umareta Hi (The Day Love Was Born)
Vocals: Koyasu Takehito // Lyrics: Akimoto Yasushi // Composition: Haba Hitoshi // Arrangement: Nishioka Kazuya

Koibito yo   ima   uketomete
Afureru omoi   anata no ryoute de
Koibito yo   ima   hitomi wo tojite
Takanaru mune ga   futari no kotoba

KYANDORU no honoo ni   yureteru PUROFIIRU
Sekai de ichiban   suteki na yoru wo   mitsumeteiru

Ai ga umareta hi   kono toki ni
Shinjitsu wa hitotsu dake
Anata to naraba   ikite yukeru
Ai ga umareta hi   kono toki ni
Eien ga hajimaru yo
Kimi to dattara   ikite yukeru

Download zip in iTunes (.m4a) format <-- Note format, please!


  • Wow. Yuuki Hiro. That was an amazing performance. The book explains that his character Teiou Sekai gets obscene amounts of pleasure from ripping the foetuses from women in their last month of pregnancy. He uses a surgical scalpel. By the way, his name is written the largest down Aya's chest; I thought it was the name of the group initially, since it shouldn't be a person's name, but it means "Emperor Realm" when used with the kanji in the book and is a pun on 'teiousekkai' which means Caesarean section.
  • I've said that almost all the songs up until now remind me of old school Weiss in some form or another, but "Ai ga Umareta Hi" really didn't. I liked it though. The score throughout the drama section was consistently amazing. And yeah... kinda 90s in a good way.
  • Yoshikazu's preferred name is Miwa now, rather than just a nickname that people use. What does he say around SCENE 0-2 12:10? Because it sounds like he says Velvet is the daughter of someone called Takatori. And that... That... That would be pretty surreal.
  • Velvet is Aya's lover. I didn't read the booklet (except for Yuuki's character) because I thought I knew who everyone was, so this came as a surprise when she said so in the drama.
  • So. Yuuki's character. Was he throwing darts or scalpels at Aya at the very start of the final showdown? What is the counter for a scalpel anyway? Are they long, roundish objects and therefore 'hon'? [Edit: Asked my Japanese teacher. She said BOTH scapels and darts are 'hon'. Make of that what you will.] OR WAS YUUKI'S CHARACTER USING DARTS?? Maybe the answer is in the rest of the CD, since it's over an hour long and my attention span isn't fantastic when I've got nothing to look at (although I've listened to it quite a few times now). But I can't just let that possibility go. :P I wonder if there's anything in the fact that Teiou Sekai thanks Aya as he dies. Oh, and he repeatedly says they're the same kind of people (a common theme in Weiss, though...)
  • As I mentioned in a previous post, I'm at an incredible disadvantage for finding secret hints in this compared to native speakers. My current theory is (1) it's all a masssive in-joke for Weiss fans or (2) Everyone in Erinis but AYA is a liar and they are deceiving him and/or working with Mixed Paranoia. Maybe both. I wonder what seiyuu will play the next villain? Miki or Seki? :P
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