William (genkischuldich) wrote,

The final part of my Velvet Under World uploads for now. The music videos! These looks so much like a real (albeit cheap) anime! I have plenty of theories about where VUW is going, so feel free to speculate with me.

Download here (.avi format)

Spoilers below.

01 Aya

The "opening theme" for Velvet Under World and music video summarises the CD drama. The villain you see is Teiou Sekai, the one voiced by Yuuki Hiro. A.Y.A seems to have a pendant that he wears all the time (like a certain other Aya's earring). This... seems to be connected to Kuro.

Everything Teiou Sekai was doing was being videoed? Why is that?

02 Kuro

Although he's primarily Aya's personal photographer, both his hairpin and glasses function as weapons. That's pretty hardcore. Former(?) fashion photographer who had a co-worker(?) die(?) on him? I can't really understand this part of the story. Um... I really think he's gay and interested in Aya, possibly having previously had a relationship with him, although this is almost certainly not the official line. Must be the slash goggles.

Like the other characters, there seems to be someone he was very close to in the past and it looks like AYA is killing him/her. Why is it primarily Aya that does the killing while everyone else is backup (it seems)? I don't trust Kuro. Every day, he tells Aya who he is and that's definitely open for abuse.

(Btw, Aya is standing on the rooftop next to a sign which advertises a shotbar called "Alternative". This was the name of the very first VUW single.)

03 Dry

"Normal people don't sit at home and look at flowers on the internet!"

I'm guessing that Dry is/used to be blind and the glasses help. If so, that must be connected to the thermometer thing. Maybe it was because of a fever? And yet another childhood friend whose memory is haunting him. Wonder if they are a member of Mixed Paranoia?

04 Pawn

95% certain Pawn has a female twin who's a member of Mixed Paranoia. And wow, isn't Velvet's outfit impractical? :P
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