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02 August 2009 @ 15:58
The final part of my Velvet Under World uploads for now. The music videos! These looks so much like a real (albeit cheap) anime! I have plenty of theories about where VUW is going, so feel free to speculate with me.

Download here (.avi format)

Spoilers below.

01 Aya

The "opening theme" for Velvet Under World and music video summarises the CD drama. The villain you see is Teiou Sekai, the one voiced by Yuuki Hiro. A.Y.A seems to have a pendant that he wears all the time (like a certain other Aya's earring). This... seems to be connected to Kuro.

Everything Teiou Sekai was doing was being videoed? Why is that?

02 Kuro

Although he's primarily Aya's personal photographer, both his hairpin and glasses function as weapons. That's pretty hardcore. Former(?) fashion photographer who had a co-worker(?) die(?) on him? I can't really understand this part of the story. Um... I really think he's gay and interested in Aya, possibly having previously had a relationship with him, although this is almost certainly not the official line. Must be the slash goggles.

Like the other characters, there seems to be someone he was very close to in the past and it looks like AYA is killing him/her. Why is it primarily Aya that does the killing while everyone else is backup (it seems)? I don't trust Kuro. Every day, he tells Aya who he is and that's definitely open for abuse.

(Btw, Aya is standing on the rooftop next to a sign which advertises a shotbar called "Alternative". This was the name of the very first VUW single.)

03 Dry

"Normal people don't sit at home and look at flowers on the internet!"

I'm guessing that Dry is/used to be blind and the glasses help. If so, that must be connected to the thermometer thing. Maybe it was because of a fever? And yet another childhood friend whose memory is haunting him. Wonder if they are a member of Mixed Paranoia?

04 Pawn

95% certain Pawn has a female twin who's a member of Mixed Paranoia. And wow, isn't Velvet's outfit impractical? :P
(Deleted comment)
Williamgenkischuldich on 3rd August 2009 02:21 (UTC)
I like Kuro too. I just feel he's the prime candidate to turn traitor. And to slash with Aya.

According to the website, Pawn seems to have the biggest number of secrets of the characters so far. You see, they've written a short bio for each character, then "scribbled" out certain sections of the text. Having said that, I'm pretty sure that will be all about his twin. He's a pretty energetic kid but, intriguingly, the first lines of his image song go "Baby, it's already late at night / Navy blue sea / Well, let's drink a toast to despair."
(Deleted comment)
Williamgenkischuldich on 12th August 2009 17:02 (UTC)
I thought girl for some reasom (eyes, maybe). Well, I guess identical twins are more dramatic.
菖蒲eye_ame on 2nd August 2009 19:25 (UTC)
Once again, I can't thank you enough :)

>had a co-worker(?) die(?) on him?
I thought he actually found A.Y.A. that way.

>I'm guessing that Dry is/used to be blind
Same here. The way he feels the flower in the flashback instead of touching it.
Williamgenkischuldich on 3rd August 2009 02:24 (UTC)
The guy in the water looked a bit like AYA, but not enough like him. I guess he found him after a fashion shoot and then... decided to follow him around detailing his (TOTALLY JUSTIFIED) killings. Hmm.
菖蒲eye_ame on 3rd August 2009 05:41 (UTC)
...BTW the lens in the beginning of the Lagirin-su video must be the lens of DRY's glasses, eh?
Williamgenkischuldich on 3rd August 2009 05:46 (UTC)
It doesn't looks like a glasses lens, does it? It looks more like a camera (particularly due to the flashes), which would suggest something connected to Kuro...
菖蒲eye_ame on 3rd August 2009 05:49 (UTC)
I thought so initially too -- now I think that's something that replaces Dry's eyes ;) Come to think of it, we never see him without glasses.
Williamgenkischuldich on 3rd August 2009 05:57 (UTC)
Ohhh.... *lightbulb* And so that bit near the end when he's looking up at the sky with the glasses off. Totally relevant. Hahahaha!
菖蒲eye_ame on 3rd August 2009 06:00 (UTC)
It occured to me this morning when I was taking a bus to work desparately trying to cleanse my glasses from raindrops. Felt a f**king genius ;)
athena: kaiba: blue eyesathena8 on 4th August 2009 00:29 (UTC)
Thank you for sharing!

The Kuro video was very slashy! *___* I'm totally shipping them already. That one is probably my favorite video, though A.Y.A.'s is also pretty cool.

And guh, Velvet's outfit. Don't get me started on that. XD;
Williamgenkischuldich on 12th August 2009 17:03 (UTC)
You're welcome. I like Aya and Kuro too. I think there must be some other official explanation for their closeness. Surely.
athena: youji: a smile like thisathena8 on 12th August 2009 17:25 (UTC)
I'm sure there is! Is there any more info about Kuro, aside from the fact that he was a fashion photographer?

And what do you need converted to mp3? I don't have a m4a to mp3 converter, but I can try to burn to audio cd and re-rip as mp3.
fuji_satsuki: sonoyubifuji_satsuki on 11th August 2009 16:08 (UTC)
I can't wait to watch it >v<
It seems Koyasu really likes "AYA", then he use this name in this anime. (After in weiss kruze, if I'm not wrong. :P)

p/s: I think my com is not work for m4a. Do you have any program to change m4a to mp3? Or any codec to update my com for m4a.
thanks in advance.
Williamgenkischuldich on 12th August 2009 17:04 (UTC)
The mp3s? Apparently there is a program that converts them, but unfortunately it isn't free.
fuji_satsuki: Sakupyonfuji_satsuki on 13th August 2009 13:06 (UTC)
That's alright. :)
Thank you to told me. If it's too expensive for me, I will try to find other program for trial version.=v=;;
misss_vampire: AyaxKen delivermisss_vampire on 7th September 2009 08:27 (UTC)
I feel kind of ashamed for replying so late, considering myself an old-school weiss fan *lol* this fandom just never dies... XD
01 aya: or rather, A.Y.A, deshou? hmmm... I wonder if later in the story Koyappi will get smart on us and try to get a kewl phrase for what A.Y.A stands for... *rubs chin* OMG, Teiou Sekai is exactly how I imagined him to be after hearing Yuki's voice *lol* and is aya using some kind of... rope? besides his gun? something almost like a bandage... *frowns*
02Kuro: Kuro is so gay... so gay and has a crush on Aya, 90% sure of that *nods head* he's a former fashion(?) photographer! that'd be quite obvious... *nods head* And that ring.. hmmmm.. oh! and i sooo want his hairpin... so pretty...
03 Dry: OMG, when I first saw the OHP sketches I screamed "KENKEN!!!" XD (his seiyuu name doesnt help my fangirl-ism either...) and when I saw the blue flower I went crazy and started muttering 'omg gentian!' XD what is it anyways? a cosmos? *frowns* hmmm I couldn't be surprized if the child was his siter, koyasu loves to comfront us with fraternal boundaries and stuff~
04 Pawn: cutest music clip ever... XD and Yai! for EvilTwin! (fraternal boundaries anyone?)... Evlvet attitude remind me of Manx from the manga-verse (assassin & white shaman) deshou?
Williamgenkischuldich on 12th September 2009 10:32 (UTC)
Ah... this seems to be a late reply too. I don't think I ever got your comment in my inbox.

Aya, I believe, is using his tie. And I'm sure AYA stands for something, but whether it'll be in correct English (OR MAYBE GERMAN) is another matter.

Dry reminds me more of Kyou, I think.
Ally.Cgacktyougirl on 9th September 2009 22:22 (UTC)
Aaah, I'm so glad I found this. I just yesterday realized that the VUW official site had resurrewcted itself (it was down awhile back, or am I going insane?) and I had thought the project was dead int he water. now to buy all the CDs. Oh, Koyasu...
Williamgenkischuldich on 10th September 2009 15:05 (UTC)
It was dead, then it was down, now it's back up again.

The next month, there should be more CDs out.
tsuki: 07-GHOST//Teitoxlumierex on 12th September 2009 01:16 (UTC)
I always wanted a Kuro MV! Thanks for sharing. :)

Hnm, nothing to say much about Kuro's. I think he is a mysterious man. His MV is very slashy though.

I used to think once that Kuro was a female when I saw him in the trailer. XD HAHA.
Williamgenkischuldich on 12th September 2009 10:33 (UTC)
You're welcome!

He might still be... It's a staple of anime. And that would explain why he's "allowed" to be so slashy with Aya....