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17 August 2009 @ 13:56
Just back from Kyuushuu, where I saw the Obon Festival and YASHIMA. I've wanted to see Yashima for ages and although I wasn't able to set foot on the island, it was fabulous just seeing it from a boat. I'll be doing lots of posts on my blog with lots of pictures, I'm sure.

(Can anyone tell me how to put a music track over video footage without using Winmedia?)

Speaking of my blog, a new post: 20th Century Boys Part 1 Review

Now, onto all the anime news.

  • Durarara. I've been looking forward to this anime for a while. Not only is it an action-suspense set in Ikebukuro, one of the supporting cast is a foreign guy who isn't a blond American. Of course, I will take back that comment if it turns out he's one of the villains. Anyway, the cast has now been announced. Toyonaga Toshiyuki, Miyano Mamoru, Hanazawa Kana, Kamiya Hiroshi, Ono Daisuke and Fukuyama Jun are the seiyuu so far.

  • Arakawa Under The Bridge to be animated. I posted about this manga before. I really liked the first book, although the second one wasn't as good. While the first one set up the situation, the second one continued it and didn't go anywhere. None of the characters really evolved and it was merely a string of wacky incidents, whereas the first book went way beyond that. It had a good heart and was kinda anti-corporate Japan. I haven't bought any of the other manga in the series.

  • King of Thorn (Ibara no Ou). This looks really cool and the trailer & website are all in English, so it's no surprise they're going for an international release.

  • Finally, Dengeki Character Festival 2009 information.
    susperia1susperia1 on 18th August 2009 09:17 (UTC)
    i've never heard of any of those ones, i might watch them but none of them seem to be my type, but there's one called Kuuchuu Buranko coming out in the fall that looks good! it's by the same people that animated mononoke *is excited*
    oo i wish i could help i've never used winmedia, i usually use adobe premiere i want to put a music track onver a video! ^^ is there no import button???
    Williamgenkischuldich on 18th August 2009 09:45 (UTC)
    Most of them have only just been announced. I heard of Kuuchuu Buranko -- the flash page was intriguing and the stories sounded very strange. I'll be giving it a go.

    Thing is, I can't use any Winmedia software. I need some free software or something, I guess.