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20 September 2009 @ 20:42
Finally! The epic Mt Fuji post is done with! You can read it here: http://spamfromjapan.com/2009/09/20/mount-fuji/

I didn't enjoy it at the time, but now I've decided it was amazing. :)

Now writing up my trip to the Amusement Machine Show and thinking about putting it on BlogCritics first to see if that increases traffic to my blog. But they want a headshot... Am I confident enough to put something like that out there on a public site...? Will keep writing it and will put it up on my own site regardless.
golden_bastetgolden_bastet on 20th September 2009 14:09 (UTC)
A friend of mine climbed Mount Fuji years ago, with the same kind of horror stories (although I think they didn't make it to the summit; someone may have twisted their ankle or something fairly early on. But now I'm screwing up the story with Faulty Memory).

Thank you for telling *your* story, because I always thought she had merely flaked out over the whole thing. (And with my luck, she'll read this and figure out it's me and that will lead to all sorts of ugliness.)

I didn't get to climb Mt Fuji when I visited her (well, she hadn't done it yet), but I did take a camel up Mt. Sinai. Probably wisest to do in the dark, because if I'd really seen the sheer drop from ten swaying feet up a grumpy animal, it would have been less adventure and more terror (though I still would have done it).
Williamgenkischuldich on 27th September 2009 01:12 (UTC)
I can't imagine setting out and giving up, although we did meet a couple along the way who had. It mostly wasn't the difficulty (they were in the US army), but the queuing. And the wetness.

Mt. Sinai sounds amazing. Maybe one day...