William (genkischuldich) wrote,

Velvet Under World FAIL!

"If you're the sort of person who cringes in pangs of sympathy when someone on a game show fails an obvious question, this is not the event report for you. Even now, when I think back to moments from it, I physically recoil in horror to the confusion of those around me. Although I enjoyed the event overall, reliving some details will not be a pleasant experience for either of us.


I wrote a few thoughts about "VUW" on the questionnaire as we were herded into the tiny room and they collected them from people who had already filled them out. Couldn’t express myself very well, since I was struck by a sudden rush of nerves and the fear knowledge that I was writing down something really, really stupid. Finally, in a decision that is completely inexplicable in retrospect, I circled ‘yes’ for the final two answers about whether I wanted to participate in the show or not. At the last minute, I added an apology for my bad Japanese.

...What could possibly go wrong?

If nothing else, I am a bleakly honest. :)
Tags: anime, event, velvet under world
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