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Because I know you guys care (well, four of you!), here is the latest Velvet Under World info:

The next character songs will be sung by:

Garagara: Saiga Mitsuki
Linx: Seki Tomokazu
Vulcanus: Suzuki Tatsuhisa
Bolt/Volt/Bort/BORUTO: Hoshi Souichirou

The next CD drama is called "The Death" (is that a mistake or..?). LOOSE summary:

"Aya takes on the next of his enemies in the hope of regaining his memories. However, he has some doubts. "Don't trust ...." information specialist Miwa tells AYA. The dark plan moves forward. And what of the fate of Erinyes, whose base was attacked...? What is the big development in the mystery wrapped up in this story?"

Release date: Beginning of 2010.

They will also release a radio selection, which has a nice cover (first press bonus has that cover as a postcard). Animate site

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