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Sunday, I went to Jump Festa and saw Kusao Takeshi and Takemoto Eiji for a Sengoku Musou stage event. They read some lines (catchphrases?) from a recent CD and sounded good, although strikingly different from their speaking voices.

Then I saw Fukuyama Jun doing a reading of Tegami Bachi ("Letter Bee"). He was wearing matching Tartan-ish trousers, waistcoat and hat. He has a nice tone to his voice and I love the somewhat breathy way he ends his sentence. I enjoyed it, but his character wasn't particularly expressive. I'd much rather hear him do more... passionate characters like Lelouch or Grell. The other seiyuu he was with were fantastic though. Sawashiro Miyuki and Fujimura Ayumi put together a really good, emotion-filled scene... about a character refusing to wear pants (because it was something humans do and Nicchi isn't human?). Seriously. Koshimizu Ami also did a reading.

The set-up was that there is the scene from the manga on a big screen and the seiyuu read from the manga script on stage. One thing that fascinated me was the way they interpreted, throwing in emphasis and sound effects that weren't written down. They changed the vocal sound effects too (laughs, etc), so they sounded more natural.

Fukuyama Jun is a huge draw for fans. I sneaked into the previous stage for an anime called To-Love-ru (which I never know how to transliterate because it's MEANT to sound like 'trouble' in Japanese...) and everyone surrounding me was whispering about Fukuyama being on next. This was 45mins before the Tegami Bachi stage and although I was quite close to the stage after the moe fans cleared out, I wasn't the first!

After that I went to Tenimyu. Reviews here by blodeuedd and here by dilettantka. No 'Rocky-style' ending for this one, sadly. And Tezuka didn't even get to play. FOR SHAME. And Kaidou is Buchou now? No, I never read the manga ending and this is all new to me. :)

I thought it started off really slow (everyone tells me I'm insane for this), but then it quickly moved onwards and got a lot better. Yukimura's tennis song was really good... is it wrong for me to want him to win. Also I was confused when Atobe showed up and they weren't best friends. You really spoil me, fanon. :)

Then they sang THIS IS THE PRINCE OF TENNIS. So happy. :) The best bit was how much fun everyone was having... consider me a Kane fan.

Yesterday was one of my school's bounenkai (end of year eating/drinking session). It was nomihoudai (all-you can drink), of course. They had this thing where a person from each table had to roll a multi-coloured die and talk about whatever subject came up. So eventually it gets to my table and EVERYONE refused. A few more people did it and it came back to my table and EVERYONE refused yet again. So I said I'd do it, although some of the topics were really difficult, and they whispered that I could choose the topic. So I chose "My first (blank)", but when they called me up they handed me the die and told me to throw it.

I did and it came up with something completely different. One of the teachers running the event retrieved it and revealed the topic I had chosen. Haha, it was rigged all along!

Anyway, I gave a speech about climbing Mt Fuji for the first time this year. Yeah, I knew that would be a winning topic. :) Talked about the sky, the shop that wouldn't let me sleep and what I saw when I came out it. Kind of tripped over the word 'horizon' though. Kept saying 'hei...hei..." but people almost immediately called out 'chiheisen'. Nice to know that it was comprehensible enough that people would know the word I was looking for though! :P

And shame on the native speakers who sent out a drunk foreigner to give a speech in their place! *grin*

Today was a national holiday. I slept in, then went for breakfast at Jonathon's. I always get surprisingly good service there. They're always polite, never talk down to me and even gave me a Japanese newspaper when they had a promotion going on without any question or fuss.

After that, I went to Goutokuji, a temple in Setagaya. It's famous for being the place that took in the original Maneki Neko (Beckoning Cat). The temple grounds are beautiful and there was hardly anybody there at all. One of my favourite temples so far, I think. And yeah, I have been to Kyoto.

Setagaya is a great place, full of interesting shops. One was selling stuff full of "modern antiques," for lack of a better word. Stuff from the 40s through to the 80s. There was a 1950s Japanese shaved ice maker, ancient manual typewriters and even a gramophone.

Anyone still reading? For Velvet Underworld fans, Animate's site clarifies the release date from 'the start of 2010' to February. Also, it seems BORUTO is correctly romanised as 'Volt'.
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