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My response to the Velvet Under World CD Drama #1 The Wheel of Fortune. Some massive spoilers here... except not. I dunno if I'm understanding half of this correctly. Please treat every new bit of info in this with caution and assume it's wrong first.


DRY is the focus this time around. It starts with Aya and him tracking Vulcanus. Vulcanus didn't have a big impact on me, since he was killed in the opening scene. Rather long scene, though. Difficult to understand what's been said though as Vulcanus is being strangled with a neck-tie(?) at the same time. For about five minutes, in fact. Like I said, long scene. One thing that puzzled me is that Velvet seems to say that there are three(?) people left to kill in Mixed Paranoia. That would be Teiou Sekai, Nanatsume and...? Did I forget someone?

(Speaking of Teiou Sekai, loved his grotesque music video. I adore that brand of crazy -- the bad guys are winning me over with their vocal performances. Sorry.)

Pawn makes me laugh though. He's all "yay, death! killing! Aya killed them all! kaboom!" If he doesn't have the most wretched, angsty backstory, I'm going to be disappointed.

After that, DRY writes a report and then goes to the hospital to see his comatose sister. V's real name might be Takatori Ouka, or there's someone else in this series by that name. Nothing else in this review is accurate, but I'm certain I heard this name. From what I understand (not much!), she seems to be the one that had DRY's sister directly admitted to the hospital.

Anyway, DRY tells his sister that there are ten down, three(?) people left and 'that guy' is amongst them.


Aya sings "ONE DAY".


DRY enjoys the greenery and birds from his veranda. There's a scream in the background. "Oh, time for work?" he says.

The scream is from AYA, who's just woken up. They go through the usual routine and KURO still seems amazingly creepy (in a good way).

In another room, Dry tries to work and Pawn tries to distract him. Loosely paraphrased:

Dry: You're in Erinyes too! You do YOUR work!
Pawn: My work is...... making explosions! You want me to make one here?

Aya comes in and it seems that Dry always keeps the computer room cold 'like a refrigerator' because it's dangerous for him to get a fever. He collapses(? not sure) when he hears the latest news from Miwa, via V. He's obsessed with 'that guy'.


Nanatusme's first appearance. Love his voice! His thing is to scoop women's eyes out with an escargot fork. Yeah, you heard me. He seems to treat humans as ugly pinatas... if you hit them enough, pretty things like eyeballs fall out and you can add them to your collection. There's so much screaming on this track that I'm worried about listening to it late at night in this tiny apartment.

Meanwhile, back at HQ, Erinyes are discussing the case. It took place within the line of sight of lots of crows... I think. Dry makes a request of V -- he wants her to send him out to kill Nanatsume. She refuses. He has a breakdown and collapses(?) again. They realise that he can't see with his eyes.

Meanwhile, said guy is having eyeball sex in order to 'see' humanity. I dunno. He's awesome.


The next bit is a little complicated and might not be right, but Dry says that his eyes are bad and when he gets agitated his temperature goes up and he can't see. He says he's an orphan and his parents are dead (don't quote me on this though!). His sister raised him in place of their parents and, because of his eyes, he turned to computers to experience the world (again, don't quote me on this!). Somehow, his sister got involved in the underworld and was attacked by Nanatsume.

Nanatsume ends up in Birdcage Stadium and the mission/hunting starts. Linx makes his first appearance. He's still recognisable as Ken, but his voice is lower. I find out I have a problem telling Birman and V apart.

Aya and V share a Moment together. They must have met after Aya developed amnesia, so they presumably fell in love in the span of a day. Surely not.


Nanatsume attacks a woman, but it's Birman (maybe). She tells him there's nowhere to run and he guesses there's a sniper around. However, Nanatsume can "see" Linx (maybe?). Linx is probably going to be one of the most useless characters in the series because he "can't" (according to the rules of storytelling) just shoot villains from a distance and end it in seconds. I predict a storyline where his backstory past comes back to haunt him and he demands to fight up close. Anyway, Dry thinks cornering him was too easy and something must be wrong.

Aya appears and they fight.


Aya and Nanatsume fight. It's revealed(?) that Nanatsume can see through the eyes of nearby birds. Dry hacks a camera and says it's unmistakable. Those are... those are... HIS SISTER'S EYES!!

Nanatsume wants eyeball sex with Aya too. Aya kills him. Around this time, you can hear Ken Linx whisper Aya's name. Definitely a different kind of voice, but Seki has always been versatile.

Unlike Vulcanus who went down protesting that he was still a champion, Nanatsume thanks Aya like Teious Sekai did. Well, says everything is beautiful and he's in heaven. Close enough. Aya tells Velvet he wants to return Dry's sister's eyes to her.


The "unprecedented" operation on Dry's sister was a success. Everything else is just a matter of time, a doctor tells Dry. She begins to wake up, but her memory is impaired and she doesn't recognise Dry. She keeps asking for Yuu-kun, which is probably Dry's real name. She says that she has to attend his school sports day.

He says Yuu-kun is elsewhere and says his name is Dry.


Dry sits in the hospital lounge and wonders what the point of everything up until now was. Aya comes to talk to him. He says that Dry can drop his cool facade in front of him because he'll forget everything once he goes to sleep anyway. Dry ends up crying in Aya's arms.

Please... someone else do a proper summary?
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