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Copy-paste-translating from this post by fencer_x:

☆ミュージカル「黒執事−The Most Beautiful DEATH in The Worldー千の魂と堕ちた死神」
Musical Kuroshitsuji-The Most Beautiful DEATH in The World-Sen no Tamashii to Ochita Shinigami (The 1000 Souls and the Fallen Shingami)

2010 May 3rd~9th (includes Golden Week)
[Cutting performance times, which are easy enough to figure out.]

Akasaka ACT Theater (Tokyo)

Sebastian: Matsushita Yuuya (松下優也)
Ciel: Nishii Yukito (西井幸人)
Eric: Saeki Taisuke (佐伯太輔)
Alan: Matsumoto Shin'ya (松本慎也)
Grell Sutcliff: Uehara Takuya (植原卓也)
William: Nagaoka Takuya (永岡卓也)
Bard: Iwasaki Dai (岩崎大)
Finnian: Minami Shouta (南 翔太)
Meilin: Igari Atsuko (猪狩敦子)
Undertaker: Izumi Shuuhei (和泉宗兵)
Druitt: Fujita Ray (藤田玲)
Abberline: Ise Naohiro (伊勢直弘)
Hanks: Aoki Shigeto (青木隆敏)
...and others.

S-seats 6300 en / A-seats 5800 en

The official website doesn't have anything yet, but that's no surprise since it took them ages to even HAVE an official website. I think it's fairly obvious this time around will involve shinigami... and I would guess the people listed above Grell are either the villains or fellow shinigami. Or both. Obviously after Takuya's performance last time, Grell had to come back. Either way, I reckon William and maybe Ronald will be in it this time around. Abberline is back too, which is great news.

Edited in info (in italics) from sanoiscari and GFantasy (see comments).

Wonder how the Code Geass musical is coming along, if indeed there really will be one...
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