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I've been amazingly busy lately, though I'm not sure I've really done much. Today I went for my usual holiday/weekend breakfast at Jonathon's. I've said this before, but it's a decent breakfast for a good price and they always have great service. Another big reason is that since breakfast ends at eleven, I pretty much have to get out of bed by ten. I'm not sure I'd be able to do that on days off otherwise!

Since it was a weekday, they gave me a free newspaper. I don't buy newspapers much in Japan because I get the feeling it'll end with the vendor giving me the evil eye that says 'C'mon, we both know you're not going to get much out of this...'

I spent ages figuring out this complicated murder case (who murdered who, who ran off with who, who had a baby together and whose house it all took place in) and then I flipped deeper into the newspaper and found a little diagram of the case to confirm what I'd already read. Apparently they thought most people would need it. I got the same kind of victory feeling when I see bad puns in ads too. :)

Afterwards, I went to a park to see plum blossoms. I can't actually tell plum and cherry apart, except by the date of flowering. However, I'm going to assume that the trees I took pictures of (and with which I filled up my Twitter feed) were plum blossoms.

At home, I paired up people for Weiss Day. We have about the same number of people as last year, which is great considering a handful from last year have since given up fanfic or have too much going on in real life this time. A few new faces too, I think, but don't quote me on that. :) Going to email people very soon.

I went to an eel restaurant not so long ago. Did I already talk about it? In any case, blodeuedd posted some photographs here. And also of the Princess Heart Cafe. Yes, I'm in both sets of pictures. :)

And now for something completely different...

* Weiss Kreuz: Yohji and Schuldig, 1980s Noir fanart from indelicateink.
*Kuroshitsuji: Amazing cosplay of characters from the Noah's Ark arc, shot in an actual circus.
* The cast for Senkou no Night Raid (that's the one set in Shanghai in 1931) has been announced. The seiyuu will be Yoshino Hiroyuki, Namikawa Daisuke, Ikuta Yoshiko and Hoshino Takanori.
* Loups=Garous has a PV uploaded. Click on the big red button to watch it. Makes this anime look like a cross between K-On! and Durarara!!.
* Finally, Kurage Hime will be broadcast in the Noitamina slot. Kanji for things that live in or near stretches of water are pretty complicated. Basically, you take the kanji for where they live and then add the first thing that comes into your head when you look at them. So you can have 河豚 (river + pig = fugu), 河鹿 (river + deer = frog), 河馬 (river + horse = hippo), 海豚 (sea + pig = dolphin), 海牛/海鼠 (sea + cow OR sea + rat = sea slug), 海象 (sea + elephant = walrus), 海豹 (sea + leopard = seal)... and so on. Which brings us to 海月, pronounced 'kurage' (no, there is no way that could naturally happen) and using the kanji for 'sea' and 'moon'. Together it means 'jellyfish'. Err.. so the story is about a girl who loves jellyfish and her name is made up of the two kanji for jellyfish in reverse order. Yeah, that really was all I was going to say. Sorry.
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